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Are Florence Pugh and Zach Braff already married? One report says the Black Widow star got married in secret to her boyfriend, Braff. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘They’re A Covert Couple’

According to Star, a friend of Pugh may have accidentally spilled the beans about a secret marriage. In a happy birthday post, one of Pugh’s friends referred to Pugh as “FPB,” which many believe stands for “Florence Pugh Braff.” The poster then edited the post to “FP” and said FPB was only a nickname. The cat was out of the bag though, and Pugh’s uncharacteristic silence only fueled speculation. A friend says, “No one would be surprised. They were talking about getting hitched over the holidays.” The two were enjoying the mystery, but the friend had no doubt that marriage was inevitable: “Florence and Zach are more deeply in love than ever.”

Is It Florence Pugh Braff Now?

This tabloid off-handily mentions that the original poster of “FPB” said it was only a nickname. In reality, visual effects artist Trevor Tuttle left no room for interpretation. He wrote, “Not true in the slightest. Rumor false. It’s a nickname I have for Florence which is not Braff… they are not married.”

Star knew about this comment but chose to keep things as vague as possible. This is deliberately misleading. The marriage rumor existed as a rumor for a while, but Gossip Cop could find no reports from any legitimate outlets confirming any engagement. There’s been no mention of marriage in the six months since, so we’re confident that this story is completely false.

How Are They Doing?

Florence Pugh and Zach Braff are still very happy together. Braff recently commissioned some Black Widow art for the Little Women star. In April, Pugh posted a touching birthday message for her boyfriend. They’ve dated for a few years now and are still going strong.

Other Sham Marriages

Star claims to know all kinds of secrets that don’t turn out to be true. It claimed Katie Holmes was secretly dating Justin Theroux and that Van Jones and Kim Kardashian secretly have crushes on one another. How Star could know how Jones secretly feels is oxymoronic.

We also busted its story about a secret marriage between Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. Its wedding stories and secrets cannot be trusted. Gossip Cop would hardly be surprised if Braff and Pugh did tie the knot soon. For now, however, they remain unwed.

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