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Did Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston welcome a new baby girl via surrogate despite not even being romantically involved? Last year, one tabloid insisted this was the case. Gossip Cop looks back on the report to reveal what really happened.

‘Meet Our Possible Baby Girl’

According to New Idea, Pitt and Aniston had a baby girl via surrogate together after allegedly rekindling their romance. Hilariously, shortly after the headline, the outlet backtracked and said the ex-spouses had possibly welcomed twins! Do these tabloids not think readers will detect their discrepancies? Obviously not, because they continue pushing phony narratives, especially when it comes to these two.

The basis of this story, according to a suspicious insider, was that a woman who previously carried twins for Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick had recently given birth to another set of twins that could, in fact, be Pitt and Aniston’s babies. A tipster gushes, “This will be the most beautiful time in their lives, something they’ve both dreamed about for literally decades.” Oh, now it makes sense why they got divorced over 16 years ago!

Brad Pitt Isn’t Having Another Kid

When this story emerged last year, Gossip Cop hardly knew where to begin busting the misinformation. Nearly every word of the story was fabricated besides the part about Parker and Broderick. Plus, although the article rambled on for much longer, most of included quotes from the surrogate mother’s social media accounts recounting the recent birth and accompanying health struggles. The tabloid referred to her as a celebrity surrogate, but she’s only facilitated one birth in 2009 for the celebrities already mentioned. And in fact, it’s not likely she will ever be a surrogate to celebrities again considering Parker has discussed how the woman was hounded by paparazzi, had her electronics hacked, and received harassment and threats.

Though many people would revel in a Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston reunion, they are simply not back together. Time and time again, spokespersons for the two confirm that they still aren’t a couple. Despite being cordial with each other and even exchanging a quick hug at the SAG awards in January of 2020, they are friends and happy for each other, but that’s it.

Unsurprisingly, the month before this story made headlines, Gossip Cop literally busted a nearly identical narrative from the same tabloid suggesting Pitt and Aniston were expecting twins via a surrogate. Another time, Gossip Cop disproved a National Enquirer report that Aniston wanted to have Pitt’s child through IVF. A different tabloid also suggested the ex-spouses travelled to Italy for a babymoon last year. None of these were remotely true for one simple fact: They. Are. Not. Together. By this point, it’s a wonder these two A-listers don’t just pretend to be a couple to quiet the hounding media.

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