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Did Carrie Underwood tell her husband Mike Fisher that she doesn’t want any more kids until she wraps on her upcoming Las Vegas residency? That’s the story one tabloid’s pushing this week. Gossip Cop investigates.

Carrie Underwood Tells Mike Fisher ‘Later, Baby’?

According to the most recent edition of the National Enquirer, “country queen” Carrie Underwood is putting some big plans on hold as she preps for her upcoming Las Vegas residency in December. According to the tabloid, she and her husband Mike Fisher had been planning to have a third baby, but Underwood is focusing her energy elsewhere.

“Carrie’s very serious about making a splash on The Strip and wants to put her full focus there,” an inside source tells the tabloid. “Although Mike is disappointed, he understands how important this is for her and is willing to wait until the time is right,” the source adds.

The magazine mentions how Underwood unfortunately suffered two miscarriages before giving birth to her second child. “Mike knows the pain Carrie had to endure when they suffered through those miscarriages,” explains the source. “When they start trying again, she wants to be in the right frame of mind and be able to ease up on her schedule.”

The source wraps by noting, “They’re in a good place in their marriage and Mike wants to support her in any way he can. They’re both committed to expanding their family in the future.”

Carrie Underwood And Mike Fisher Put Baby Plans On Hold?

So, is it true that Underwood and Fisher are putting their plans to have a third child on the back-burner? While it’s totally possible, it’s highly unlikely the tabloid would have any knowledge of it. If the couple really were planning to expand their family, why would the magazine know about such intimate details? No real friend of the family is spilling their personal information to this sleazy publication. The magazine’s anonymous “insiders” are either no friend of the family or entirely fictional.

Furthermore, it’s an incredibly low move to use the knowledge of Underwood’s miscarriages to sell magazines. If anything, knowing that Underwood has struggled with her reproductive health in the past should have signaled for the tabloid to steer clear of a story like this. Instead, it used the sensitive knowledge to spread lies and profit. It’s clear that whoever is writing this story is no friend to Underwood or her family.

The Tabloid On Carrie Underwood

Besides, it’s no secret that the National Enquirer has it out for Carrie Underwood. Last year, the publication reported that Underwood and Fisher’s marriage was falling apart over potential coaching jobs. Then, the magazine alleged that Underwood and Fisher’s marriage was saved by COVID quarantine. And most recently, the tabloid reported that Fisher was “fearing” for Underwood’s health due to her intense fitness regimen. Gossip Cop easily debunked each of these stories at the time. It’s clear readers shouldn’t trust anything the National Enquirer has to say about Carrie Underwood.

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