Rande Gerber on the left, standing with Cindy Crawford who's wearing a red dress.

Are Cindy Crawford and Rande Geber having marital issues? A tabloid claims the longtime spouses’ relationship could be in major trouble. Gossip Cop investigates the story.

According to Woman’s Day, there is “trouble in paradise” for Crawford and Gerber. The spouses, who have been married for about 23 years, are raising eyebrows after Gerber was spotted without his wedding ring en route to dinner in Malibu. Gossip Cop would like to briefly note that we’ve seen similar reports from tabloids that claim various couples are in trouble because one person is seen without a ring. Still, let’s take a further look at this account.

The magazine reveals there have been rumors the pair have been going through some marital problems since 2020 due to their children’s, Kaia and Presley, recent antics. Presley Gerber was arrested in 2019 and charged with a DUI. Interestingly, the doesn’t offer specifically what problems the couple are facing but references the model’s recent Instagram post she shared on Valentine’s Day — where she mentions getting through the crazy times.

Gossip Cop, however, doesn’t buy any of this. There’s not enough evidence to even imply there are any issues in the couple’s relationship. As we stated, tabloids often use the same troupe of a “missing wedding ring” as proof a couple is having difficulties, when logically there a million other reasons why a person isn’t wearing their band. Additionally, the publication took Cindy Crawford’s post way out of context. The model also wrote that she loved Rande Gerber and that he was “still the one” for her.

Gerber also took to social media to wish honor his wife for her birthday and also wrote a sweet message for her for Valentine’s Day.

Gossip Cop also just busted Woman’s Day two months ago for alleging Crawford and Gerber’s marriage was on the rocks. The tabloid claimed then that the pair, who wed in 1998, were on the verge of splitting up because they had put their house on the market. Gossip Cop clarified that the report didn’t make any sense. Just because the spouses were selling their home doesn’t mean they were breaking up.

Before that, the outlet was exposed by us for claiming Crawford and Gerber’s marriage was cracking under pressure. Again, the publication tried to use the couple’s children’s personal lives as the cause of the two’s problems. Gossip Cop explained that the story wasn’t true and the accusations were baseless.

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