Barbra Streisand has been about as successful an entertainer as anyone ever has. One tabloid believes she’s been just as successful in a completely different field: the stock market. Is her “secret addiction” so bad that it’s starting to impact her marriage with James Brolin? Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Streisand Hooked On Playing Market’

According to the National Enquirer, Streisand “has long levied with a secret addiction- gambling on the stock market.” The Funny Girl star “wakes daily at 6:30 AM to make big stock bets” before Brolin even wakes up. Streisand “is nearly as good at playing the market as she is at playing to an audience.”

An insider said, “Barbra has made millions on stocks and bond trading.” The article quotes Streisand explaining that she has invested in Starbucks and eBay, but it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. A source said “James gets frustrated because when Barbra is immersed in the trading, she spends hours and hours on monitoring stocks,” so “it’s like he doesn’t even exist.”

Vaguely Positive Story

The headline of this story says Streisand is “hooked” on stocks, and the story itself calls it her “secret addiction.” The bulk of the story, however, explains that she’s been extremely successful in trading and has been for a long time. The tabloid can’t decide if this trading is a good thing or a bad thing.

The quotes from Streisand, including the words “if I see red, I sell quickly,” are actually from a Fortuneinterview from 1999. The tabloid doesn’t say that, for it would make the whole story sound ridiculous. In that original, 21-year-old story, Streisand said she and Brolin talk to each other about possible investments, so it doesn’t look like he would mind her market playing at all.

She Does Trade

This report from the Enquirer is based on a decades-old story about her luck in the market, and Gossip Cop thinks that hardly constitutes a scandal. Streisand continues to buy stocks today, for she recently gifted George Floyd’s daughter with Disney stock. While it is true that Streisand dabbles in stocks, this whole story is completely misrepresenting what’s actually going on between her and Brolin, so we’re busting the story.

Frequent Target

Whenever the Enquirer gets bored, it runs an outrageous story about Streisand and Brolin. In 2018, it claimed the two were on the brink of a $400 million divorce but that never came to pass. Six months later it said Streisand was furious because Brolin wouldn’t retire, despite the obvious fact that Streisand isn’t retired either.

Most recently, it dug up divorce papers from 1984 as evidence that the two could break-up soon. These stories are comically far-fetched. If it’s not attacking her marriage, then the Enquirer can be found saying Streisand is about to suffer a heart attack. Streisand’s health and marriage are both in tip-top shape, so clearly this tabloid should never be trusted with Streisand stories.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.

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