Dolly Parton in all white, with her mouth agape

Dolly Parton and Carl Dean will soon celebrate their 55th wedding anniversary. Good for them! One report says it was a dour occasion, however, as Parton fears it will be their last. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Dolly’s Disaster Anniversary’

The National Enquirer, Dolly Parton, and Carl Dean “marked their 55th wedding anniversary May 30, but the occasion was somber.” Insiders say Parton is “terrified” that Dean won’t be around for their 56th anniversary.

the Tabloid Can See The Future???

From the very first sentence, the Enquirer losses whatever credibility it claimed to have. Today is the 28th, so the anniversary the tabloid calls “somber” hasn’t happened yet. Either the tabloid can now see through time, in which case surely it could use this clairvoyance for good and not stupidity, or the tabloid accidentally published the story a week early and didn’t think anyone would notice. Whatever the reason, this story cannot be true because the date in question has yet to pass.

Back To The Story

The story says Dean is suffering from Alzheimer’s, and Parton is reticent to leave his side. A source says “this has been a very tough anniversary for both of them” because they cannot revel in memories. The insider adds that “she sees him fading away and fears he won’t be with her much longer!”

Built On Bogus Stories

Gossip Cop has already confronted this very tabloid over this exact claim. Back in February, the outlet claimed Dean only had months left to live because of Alzheimer’s, yet he’s still alive. These reports about Dean’s health aren’t coming from Parton, so you should not trust them. 

Dean is a notorious recluse. He’s only been photographed in public a handful of times in the last 50 years, so it’s hard to believe this tabloid would have any kind of insider access into his life.

Other Parton Tall Tales

Parton is a favorite target of the Enquirer. It claimed she was throwing a $1 million birthday bash, but that simply did not happen. Gossip Cop also debunked its story about Parton desperately trying to help Miley Cyrus because Cyrus went drinking. That was just a hit-piece attacking Cyrus and nothing more.

Back in November, Carl Dean was apparently lucid enough to clamp down on Dolly Parton’s supposed flirting with other men. A few months before that, the tabloid said Parton may never sing again. She and Dean are still together, and she continues to release new music.

This is an embarrassing story where the tabloid claims to know what the future holds. The Enquirer continues to demonstrate a total lack of knowledge about Parton.

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