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Is Tucker Carlson over the line at Fox News with his “crackpot conspiracy theories”? That’s what one tabloid is claiming this week. Gossip Cop investigates the rumor.

‘Tacky’ Tucker Carlson Gone ‘Totally Bonkers’?

The most recent edition of the Globe reports Tucker Carlson needs to reel it in before Fox News gives him the boot. While Carlson’s intense persona and unfiltered hot takes have been bringing in viewers for some time now, the network fears he’s pushed it too far. The outlet points to an incident where Carlson blamed FBI operatives for igniting the Jan. 6 Capitol riot as just one example of Carlson’s “loose cannon” behavior.

An inside source tells the tabloid, “He’s obsessed with taking all the viewers he can away from his rivals by pushing the envelope and raising topics nobody else has the guts to,” adding, “But there’s a growing fear he’s imploding and one step away from being canceled himself. People are advising him to turn it down a notch and play it safer, but he’s totally bullheaded and sees that as giving in.”

The outlet explains that accusations have been leveled against him for being misogynistic, homophobic, and racist, “but that hasn’t stopped Tucker.” According to the source, “He actually tries to stir up controversy and gets a real rise from it. But many people from the highest echelon on down think he’s gone overboard into ‘crazy’ territory and needs to be stopped now.”

Fox News Tightening The Reigns On ‘Freak Show’ Tucker Carlson?

So, is it true that Fox News is giving Carlson a shorter leash from here on out? That doesn’t seem to be the case. While it’s true Carlson’s political commentary frequently stirs up controversy, Carlson is still ratings gold for the network. Besides, in the entire article nowhere does it say Fox News is taking an issue with Carlson. The alleged source simply insists that something should be done about Carlson, but that claim isn’t coming from the network. In fact, it’s likely this “insider,” if they exist, isn’t close to the situation at all.

If you look at viewership for the big three networks — FNC, CNN, and MSNBC — Carlson’s hour consistently brings in the most viewers by a wide margin. While people undoubtedly take issue with Carlson’s comments, there’s no denying that he’s good for ratings. It’s likely Fox News isn’t looking to fix what isn’t broken. But who knows? Maybe Carlson will say something in the future that really does go too far, but if Carlson hasn’t been “canceled” for what he’s said already, it’s looking like the TV personality is safe.

The Tabloid On TV Personalities

This wouldn’t be the first time the Globe invented a story about a popular but controversial TV personality. Last year the outlet claimed Megyn Kelly was planning “revenge” on Fox News and NBC. Then the tabloid alleged Pat Sajak was being replaced by Vanna White for his “nasty” behavior towards contestants. And more recently, the publication reported Sharon Osbourne was demanding $10 million to leave The Talk. Clearly, these kinds of stories are a trope for the tabloid.

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