Amal and George Clooney at a red carpet event.

George Clooney was one of Hollywood’s most eligible bachelors for so long that tabloids have a difficult time adjusting to his new family life. One tabloid says he’s been “henpecked” by Amal Clooney. Gossip Cop investigates.

According to the Globe, George Clooney’s “tequila swilling macho-man image is all an act.” The Michael Clayton star is now “a total henpecked hubby, bossed around by his brainy lawyer wife, Amal.” George, the tabloid tastelessly continues, “is now a Mr. Mom, who sews, does the laundry and cleans.”

Amal “hates to see him lying around or watching TV for hours,” so she “leaves him a to-do list to keep him busy.” A source says “she makes George pick up after himself and the children” and he even “cuts the kids’ hair.” The article concludes by saying while “some would say George’s totally whipped… he’s happy to let Amal be the boss while he takes care of the kids and the chores.”

In the warped eyes of the Globe, being a present father is a bad thing to do. The tabloid acts like asking your husband to “pick up after himself” is an audacious thing to do. This story says way more about the regressive values of this backwards tabloid, where it’s not a man’s place to “take care of the kids and the chores,” than it does about the Clooney family.

The characterization of the Clooneys is way off here as well. George did recently say in an interview that he cuts his kids’ hair, but that’s due to COVID-19. He told People that not all the chores are left to Amal: “[I’m] vacuuming and doing the laundry and doing the dishes every day… I feel like my mother in 1964. You know, I understand why she burned her bra.” Doing these chores is a gesture of maturity and love, and does not fall into the degenerative narrative of a “henpecked” man presented here.

The whole bit about George “lying around or watching TV for hours” while Amal leaves for work is completely bogus because of the pandemic. Billions around the world are doing exactly this because, well, there isn’t exactly all that much else to do. George is still keeping busy as well, as he recently released The Midnight Sky and has multiple projects lined up. This tabloid seeks to trash Clooney for… being an attentive husband and father, which is heinous and tasteless.

Gossip Cop busted this very tabloid less than a month ago for claiming George had been given a divorce ultimatum. That story, which would probably be worth bringing up, goes completely unmentioned in this dumb henpecked story. We also busted its claim that George was planning a $1 million funeral for himself, for there was no hard evidence whatsoever.

This ridiculous narrative of “henpecked” husbands hasn’t just been applied to George Clooney. We’ve busted multiple stories about Prince Harry being a “pathetic” man trapped in a “nightmare” marriage. Tabloids really struggle when men marry strong women, and seek to bash the men for not being “macho” enough. There is no truth to these wretched stories that should’ve been left behind generations ago.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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