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Did Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell feel “disgusted” and “betrayed” over the fact that Kate and Oliver Hudson wanted to make peace with their father, Bill? One tabloid reported that the eldest two of Hawn’s children left the actress “heartbroken” after they extended an olive branch to their estranged father on the siblings’ podcast Sibling Revelry. Gossip Cop investigated the rumors and can offer a fuller picture of what’s really happening in the world famous blended family. 

Family Torn Apart By ‘Ferocious Feud’

The Globe went heavy-handed with the melodrama in a recent issue and ran a piece titled: “Goldie Stabbed In The Heart!” The outlet went on to insist that a “ferocious feud” had ripped Goldie Hawn’s family right down the middle. The reason behind the supposed familial feud was an alleged peace offering Kate and Oliver Hudson gave their father, Bill. 

Goldie Hawn ‘Blindsided’

In a recent episode of Kate and Oliver’s podcast, Kate admitted that she’d been thinking about their father lately, as well as their paternal siblings. “We’ve got four siblings we don’t spend any time with,” she confessed. The admission didn’t go over well with Hawn and her “lover of 37 years,” Kurt Russell. According to a source who spoke with the tabloid, Hawn was “heartbroken and felt betrayed” after her kids “blindsided” her by reaching out to their father. Russell was also “wounded to the core,” spies for the outlet reported. 

Oliver, Kate Hudson Want To End ‘Years Of Estrangement’

“There’s major uproar going on right now,” one insider explained. “Kate and Oliver have been very clear that they want to forgive Bill, get to know his other kids and let go of the bad blood that’s existed for most, if not all, of their adult lives.” Furthermore, the siblings think it’s “only right” to give their dad another shot “after all these years of estrangement and bitterness.” Despite their good intentions, however, the move has come as a “real kick in the teeth for Goldie and for Kurt, too.”  

Naturally the tabloid didn’t pass up the opportunity to bring up Bill Hudson’s 2015 public disowning of his two eldest children after Oliver posted a Father’s Day message to Instagram that read “Happy Abandonment Day….@katehudson.” It was accompanied by a photo of himself and Kate as children posing with their father. Bill said the post “was like a dagger to the heart,” adding, “I don’t want to see either of my eldest children ever again. It’s over.” 

He also accused Goldie Hawn and Russell of poisoning them against him growing up, which the two actors denied. As a result of all the past drama between them all, Russell and Hawn supposedly couldn’t help but feel that Kate and Oliver’s olive branch amounted to “a betrayal,” which has left them both in “a state of shock and disbelief.” 

Gossip Cop’s Not Too Sure

Nothing Kate Hudson said could realistically be taken as a “peace offering” to her father. In fact, she spent more time talking about her half-siblings than she did her father. She also said she’d thought about the fact that everyone was getting older and admitted, “it would be nice to connect a little bit — especially with my sisters.” That doesn’t squarely align with the tabloid’s narrative, so it’s no wonder it decided to leave that part out. 

Besides, it seems unlikely that Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn would be too upset about their adult children reconnecting with their biological father. It’s especially hard to believe this tall tale because it’s the Globe. This outlet has an embarrassing habit of getting the story wrong when it comes to Russell and Hawn. 

Gossip Cop busted the outlet for claiming last May that the long-time couple planned to “finally” get married. Just a few months later, the tabloid reversed course and claimed the wedding was off, and that Russell was ready to walk out on Hawn. It’s obvious that this tabloid has issues with the truth. 

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