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Miley Cyrus was recently spotted partying. A story is making the rounds that she drunk-dialed her exes. Gossip Cop investigates

‘Wild Miley’s Back… And Drunk Dialing Liam’

The cover story of Heat reports that Miley Cyrus drunk-dialed a slew of her exes after a drunken night out. A source says, “She’s made some rather ill-advised drunk dials to the likes of Stella Maxwell, Liam Hemsworth, and Cody Simpson.” The source says, “They’ve mostly been ignoring her, especially as the calls come” very late at night. Cyrus’ partying is also upsetting the neighbors, but a source says “Miley doesn’t care what anyone thinks.”

Friends of Miley Cyrus tell the tabloid that she is now all-in on partying. An insider reveals, “She’s always been an all-or-nothing type of person.” Last week, it was apparently yoga and green tea for the star, but a source says that now “she’s back to being the badass rock star who loves to get drunk and is encouraging everyone around her to party with her.”

What’s Really Going On

Some tabloids claim to know Miley Cyrus’ friends and others claim to know her family. Heat claims to know the content of Cyrus’ text messages. Unless she is personally telling this tabloid what she’s doing, and that would never happen, there’s no way for Heat to know what it claims to know.

This is just an opportunistic story with its heart in the wrong place. The tabloid would have you believe that Cyrus is one shot away from calling nearly every person she’s ever been spotted with. It’s an unbelievable story with an impossible amount of insight.

Cyrus was recently spotted drinking at a restaurant, which caused a tabloid field day. This dumb story is just striking while the iron is hot. We already busted Who for doing the same thing when it claimed she was partying with her new boyfriend, Yungblud. Gossip Cop pointed out that Yungblud is already spoken for, so the story was bogus.

It’s Cruel Story

It’s pretty rotten that Miley Cyrus can’t go out for a night with friends without numerous tabloids writing about it. Cyrus has struggled with sobriety before, so it’s extra crass. Rather than express empathy, tabloids would rather christen her “wild Miley” and use her drinking to sell magazines. It’s disgraceful.

Other Bogus Stories

Heat previously said Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth got married about a year before they actually did. It later claimed that she was “still obsessed” with Hemsworth, which contradicts what Cyrus has said. She was actually relieved by the divorce. This tabloid is more hung up on this relationship than either Hemsworth or Cyrus. They’ve moved on, and it’s time for Heat to follow suit.

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