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Is Prince Charles throwing Scotland Yard at his disgraced brother, Prince Andrew? One report says Charles is using the full force of the law on his brother over pedophilia allegations. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Andrew Unravels in New Epstein Teen Sex Probe’

According to the National Enquirer, Prince Andrew is siccing Scotland Yard on Andrew over a U.S. lawsuit accusing him of sexual assault. Insiders say Charles is furious: “Charles is done with Andrew bringing shame and disgrace to the royal family… he’s terrified the fallout from this latest crisis will topple the monarchy.”

Queen Elizabeth is reportedly heartbroken that her favorite son could end up in prison. Despite mounting pressure to cooperate with law enforcement, he has no intention of testifying. A source explains, “He’s boasting he’ll get this lawsuit thrown out of court.”

Andrew’s cheekiness is not ingratiating him to Charles. A source says, “He blames Andrew’s arrogance and silence for inflaming the situation and putting the monarchy’s future in jeopardy.” He was left with little choice but to order a Scotland Yard investigation, the outlet concludes.

What’s Going On With Prince Andrew?

Charles does not have any legal authority to dictate what Scotland Yard does. Queen Elizabeth doesn’t either for that matter. The most Charles could do is issue a public statement urging the cops to do something, but he’s stayed mum. From what we know, reports are floating around that Charles doesn’t see a future for Andrew as a high-level royal.

Andrew is trying to actively avoid this American lawsuit by holding up in his castle, with guards apparently seizing all summons that comes to the door. Scotland Yard is reportedly investigating the prince, but not on any orders from Charles. The royal family has chosen to stay mum as far as Andrew is concerned.

Other Royal Stories

This outlet once claimed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle would sell out Andrew to get revenge on the royals, but that simply never happened. It also ran a really odd story about Prince William becoming king somehow thanks to Andrew’s allegations. He is not the king, no matter how much the Enquirer wishes he were.

There are no good roads ahead for Andrew, and there’s no denying that he’s disgraced his family. Only time will tell what comes of this American lawsuit and if Scotland Yard takes any real action against him.

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