Prince Harry and Prince William with their heads bowed

Is Prince William trying to take out his brother? One report says he’s finally convinced Queen Elizabeth to hold a meeting with fellow royals. What will they do about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle? Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Queen’s Crisis Meeting’

The cover story of New Idea reveals that Queen Elizabeth is holding an emergency meeting at Balmoral to talk about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The senior royals have kept a tight-lip publicly while the couple has been, as the tabloid puts it, “publicly smearing the monarchy in scandalous interviews.” That silence may be about to change.

cover of new idea with text reading Queen's Crisis Meeting
(New Idea)

Princess Anne and Prince William are done being quiet. An insider says, “Even before Harry and Meghan severed ties, William and Anne agreed they were going to be a nightmare from an organizational and public relations perspective.” Even still, they didn’t expect it to go this bad.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles have now agreed to a meeting with other senior royals to discuss how to move forward. The meeting is Prince William’s idea, a source says. “William already has considerable power within the family, so everyone kowtowed.” He wanted to hold a meeting in time for the unveiling of Princess Diana’s statue, which Prince Harry should be present for. 

A source says, “William and Anne are of the opinion that the Sussexes should be completely cut off financially and stripped of their titles.” Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles did not want to go that far originally, but now they feel they must. The story concludes with an insider saying, “This meeting will be about drawing up plans for a future without any mention of Prince Harry or his wife.”

What’s Going On With Prince Harry And The Royals?

This article is as vague as possible, and it fails to answer even the most basic questions: When is the meeting happening? Why does the meeting need to happen before Prince Harry returns? Is the meeting to punish him or for the royals to devise a path forward? If these supposed insiders know as much as they claim, then they should be able to explain these basic details. 

This story of senior royal hatred comes the very same week that Markle and Prince Harry welcomed Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor into the world. The baby, named for Queen Elizabeth, was welcomed with numerous happy messages from all senior royals, including Prince Charles and Prince William. Queen Elizabeth has even already met her great-granddaughter through video chat. This week of all weeks is hardly the time to organize a committee to destroy the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.


Ultimately, this is just another bait-and-switch story from an outlet notorious for them. The cover of the magazine, complete with an action shot of Queen Elizabeth exiting a plane, makes it look like the meeting was planned by the queen and has already happened. The article itself changes the story to say Prince William is just planning a meeting.

This lack of consistency betrays that this is all completely made up. The senior royals are not flocking to Scotland for a vague meeting. Why not just use Zoom if it can’t wait? The more Gossip Cop thinks about this story, the less sense it makes.

Other Royal Tall Tales

This is the same tabloid that claimed Prince William was now the Prince of Wales, a detail that goes conspicuously unmentioned. It also just claimed Prince Harry and Prince William had buried the hatchet, yet in this story, they’re still feuding. Not only is this outlet perennially false, but it lacks even a basic continuity.

Gossip Cop will remind you that this tabloid literally used a psychic as a source in a story about Prince William being the final King of England. You cannot take its royal coverage seriously. This meeting isn’t happening/hasn’t happened, so the story is false.

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