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The COVID-19 pandemic brought financial hardship on a large majority of the population, but one tabloid claimed last year that Elton John was part of that percentage. Gossip Cop is revisiting the story and seeing if the entertainer is still financially standing today. 

Did Elton John Lose Millions Due To A Canceled Tour?

This time last year, New Idea picked up a story from Mail on Sunday, a British tabloid that claimed the “Your Song” singer lost $77 million canceling his farewell tour in the wake of the pandemic. Using an unnamed source, the outlet made it clear the tour was not insured, and canceling it had “taken a huge chunk out of his retirement plans.” Allegedly, full-time staff had to be let go in order to pay for the tour’s loss.

“No one expected this,” the British paper’s source says. “That tour was supposed to make 60 million pounds and that revenue has disappeared overnight.” New Idea noted that John and his family “fled” LA and returned to London to ride out the rest of the pandemic. 

What’s Going On With Elton John?

As Gossip Cop pointed out last year, the suspicious story is completely false. The tour was never canceled, only postponed. Some fans did ask for refunds, but for the most part, Elton John could still make back his investment and then some. “I was supposed to come off the road in 2021 after the farewell tour, that’s going to be pushed back,” he told Miley Cyrus during an Instagram Live. “Because of coronavirus, I’m spending 24/7 with my children, and I’m having the most wonderful time.”

Gossip Cop also pointed out that the superstar is still Elton John and could seriously make up for any financial loss with song royalties and public appearances. Speaking of which, John and his family are back in LA. On Saturday night, he and his husband David Furnish stopped by the Pose For Your Consideration panel at the Rose Bowl. The two talked about their love of the show and how much money the singer had raised for the AIDS Foundation. “My motto is no one gets left behind,” he said. He also made headlines singing the Friends parody of his song “Tiny Dancer,” called “Tony Danza,” in honor of Lisa Kudrow with Ed Sheeran, Courteney Cox, and Brandi Carlile. It looks like John is looking like a true survivor and doing better than ever.

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