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Are bosses at the Today show willing to drop Jenna Bush Hager and replace her with President Joe Biden’s daughter, Ashley? Sources tell one tabloid that Hager should be worried about the charming Ashley Biden taking her place on the popular daytime news show. Gossip Cop looks into the rumor. 

Ashley Biden Up For Jenna Bush Hager’s ‘Today’ Gig?

According to the latest issue of National Enquirer, Jenna Bush Hager supposedly has a reason to worry that she’ll soon be replaced on the Today show. If sources who spoke with the outlet are to be believed, NBC “bosses” at the show are dying to hire Ashley Biden. “The Today show loves to hire first daughters,” the source explains.

“It started with Chelsea Clinton,” the tattler continues, “then Jenna Bush Hager and now they’re after President Joe Biden’s daughter, Ashley.” The source goes on to say that Hager should “be worried” for her job, since “Ashley is charming and chic and feels ‘right now,’ while the Bush-era seems so long ago.” Alleged friends of Hager’s “aren’t concerned,” however.

‘Today’ Loves Hiring Presidential Daughters – Source

“Being on TV is much harder than it looks,” a supposed pal remarks. That source adds that the daughter of former President Bill Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, “was awful.” The Today show had also allegedly tried to “hire Pippa Middleton to get close to Prince William’s wife, her sister Kate. That ended very quickly.” The tabloid’s purposefully vague about just who was behind the push to hire Middleton in order to keep up its bogus narrative. 

Here’s What’s Really Going On

To be clear, Page Six reported in 2019 that disgraced former Today show star Matt Lauer had once campaigned for Middleton to be hired, but bosses at the show ultimately declined. Sources also told the outlet that Middleton was uncomfortable with the push, as she was reportedly receiving pressure from Buckingham Palace to refrain from embarrassing the royal family in any way. 

Ironically, insiders also tell the tabloid that Ashley Biden “would be happy to do a guest stint” on the show, but she “isn’t interested in a full-time TV gig.” If Ashley supposedly has no interest in taking a regular job on the show, then why in the world would Jenna Bush Hager need to be concerned? Since Hager is one of the most popular hosts on the show, it’s incredibly unlikely that the show bosses would take a gamble on new talent, especially someone who’s reportedly not interested in the job in the first place.

Gossip Cop can’t help but be suspicious of the Enquirer when it comes to reporting on Today show stars because the tabloid often gets the story completely wrong. The shady magazine reported that Hoda Kotb was being bullied off the Today show by Savannah Guthrie and Jenna Bush Hager. That was absolutely untrue, and the three women actually are great friends and respectful of one another. We also recently debunked the outlet’s claim that Kotb was jealous about Guthrie’s supposed special treatment on the daytime news show. Obviously, this tabloid has no insight into the relationships that go on behind the scenes on the show. 

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