Tom Brady in a red tuxedo, standing with Gisele in a pink dress.

Reigning Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen have been married for about 12 years now and raise three children together. One tabloid claims the couple is trying for a fourth. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Baby No. 4 To Join The Brady Bundchen’

According to the National Enquirer. Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen are “planning on baby number four.” An insider said the couple wants to “celebrate his seventh Super Bowl victory with another addition to their team.” The two “couldn’t be happier” after Brady’s Super Bowl win, and “the whole family is on board with an addition to the roster.”

An insider said, “Gisele’s been preparing [the kids] for a special delivery and they have even been involved in the plans for a move to a new home.” Brady and Bundchen “plan to build a ‘dream home’ on Miami’s Indian Creek Island.” The article concludes by saying “they want to be settled in their own home by the time the baby arrives.”

Bait And Switch

The title of this story reads “baby no. 4 to join” Brady and Bundchen, but the story itself only says they’re planning on having a baby once they’re set up in their new home. There’s a world of difference between actively expecting and potentially planning on a baby within the next few years. This story is a bit of a bait and switch as its story does not deliver on the promise of its headline.

They Should Have More Kids Then

This tabloid claims this fourth child would be a way for Brady and Bundchen to ”celebrate his seventh Super Bowl victory.” By that logic, Brady and Bundchen should have already had another baby in 2017, the last time Brady won the Super Bowl. The birth of Brady’s children has no correlation to his Super Bowl rings.

Brady and Bundchen welcomed their daughter Vivian in 2012, and neither Brady nor Bundchen have publicly said they wanted another baby. This Enquirer story relies not on hard evidence, but instead on hearsay. It’s true that the couple recently purchased a new home in Miami, but that’s in no way related to expanding the family.

Celebratory Babies

Gossip Cop recently busted this tabloid for claiming Heather Locklear was adopting a celebratory baby to christen her engagement. Tabloids use happy occasions like engagements or Super Bowl wins as an excuse to speculate about children, but the story’s are almost never accurate.

Brady and Bundchen are frequently targeted by tabloids, as well. The Enquirer’s magazine, Life & Style once claimed Bundchen wanted to smash all of Brady’s rings as part of an elaborate bogus divorce storyline. The two are still happily together, but there’s no sign that they’re planning on having another baby.

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