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Is it true Calista Flockhart is fearing for Harrison Ford‘s safety? That’s what multiple tabloids have been reporting. Gossip Cop has investigated the rumors and can set the record straight.

Harrison Ford’s Friends And Family Fear For His Health?

Back in 2019, the National Enquirer reported Harrison Ford’s fitness routine was getting a bit too intense ahead of his fifth Indiana Jones movie. According to the tabloid’s insider, “Harrison is lifting weights and doing cardio every morning. He’s working on his flexibility and building muscle before he shoots one more Indiana Jones next year.” The actor’s rigorous routine was apparently taking its toll. “It’s really tough to see him in this state — like he’s a struggling actor hungry for his big break,” the insider spilled.

Despite the anonymous source’s detailed account, it was obviously an attempt to insult Ford. Gossip Cop was able to get in touch with a representative for Ford who called the story both false and “shameful.” And yet, similar reports kept coming.

Calista Flockhart Fearing For Harrison Ford’s Safety While Flying?

Last year, New Idea alleged Flockhart and Ford were on the verge of splitting up because he keeps flying planes against her wishes. An insider spilled to the tabloid that Flockhart’s “had enough,” adding, “Every time he goes up in that place, she holds her breath until he’s back and the number of near-misses and crashes he’s had can’t be ignored.”

But, of course, the claims were bogus and the couple remains happily married. The rumor stemmed back to an incident where Ford reportedly ignored instructions from an air traffic controller while landing his plane, but the actor was never in danger of a collision. The tabloid was merely exaggerating the drama of the incident to make it seem like he’s spiraling out of control.

Flockhart Watching Over Ford While Filming Fifth ‘Indiana Jones’?

Then, OK! stepped up to bat, insisting Flockhart was planning to keep an eye on Ford as he prepared to shoot the fifth Indiana Jones movie. An insider told the tabloid, “Harrison’s going to have the best people in the business looking out for him so he doesn’t get hurt again,” of course referring to how Ford broke his leg filming Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

But, of course, there was no truth to this rumor either. Despite the tabloid’s tall tale, any actor filming a major motion picture is in the hands of professionals that are trained to make sure stunts are filmed safely. The magazine failed to explain what Flockhart would be doing to keep Ford safe, making it clear the story was totally bogus.

These kinds of stories follow Ford because he’s had his fair share of injuries and stays extremely active for his age. That being said, none of these rumors have amounted to anything. Ford is a professional and isn’t known for taking unnecessary risks.

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