Most Rick and Morty fans are aware that the series originated as a short parody of Back to the Future titled The Real Adventures of Doc and Mharti. Even when the concept was revamped to become the show we know and love, the comparisons to the classic time-travel comedy are still there. With the two-part finale of the fifth season just days away, Adult Swim has released a Rick and Morty live-action promo that features Christopher Lloyd as Rick and Jaeden Martell as Morty. It may be entirely too short, but I’ll take it.

The Rick and Morty live-action promo finds Rick (Lloyd) and Morty (Martell) coming through a portal with Rick burping, “Morty, we’re home” as Morty responds with his customary, “Ah, Jeez.” While this is very likely just one of Adult Swim’s promo bumpers, it does bring things full circle as Christopher Lloyd told the Phoenix New Times in 2018 that he’d seen “a few episodes” of Rick and Morty and “thinks it’s a lot of fun,” before adding that “I’d like to” guest-star in the series at some point.

The final two episodes of Rick and Morty‘s fifth season will launch on Adult Swim on September 5th.

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