Rick Moranis, Spaceballs, Ghostbusters

Oh hell no! Are you ready for this nonsense? According to law enforcement officials, SPACEBALLS actor Rick Moranis was mere steps away from his apartment building when out of nowhere, a stranger just up and duffed him in the head with their fist. Can you believe this garbage? We’re talking about Rick Moranis here, folks, a beloved actor who recently came out of a 23-year hiatus after losing his wife to liver cancer.

The unprovoked attack – which happened while Moranis was walking south on Central Park West near West 70th Street – was caught on camera, though the piece of human trash that slugged the GHOSTBUSTERS actor is still at large at this time. It must have been a solid connection, too, seeing as Moranis crumpled to the ground promptly after being hit. According to sources, Moranis is experiencing pain in his head, back, and right hip, after the altercation. He’s since gone to the hospital for evaluation.

You can watch the footage of Moranis getting slugged below:

After recently coming out of retirement to film a Mint Mobile commercial with Ryan Reynolds, Moranis is expected to reprise his iconic Honey, I Shrunk the Kids role, Wayne Szalinski, for a Disney+ sequel, titled Shrunk. For the new film, FROZEN and MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS actor Josh Gad will play Wayne Szalinski’s son, who follows in his father’s footsteps by not only becoming a scientist but also accidentally shrinks his children.

Please, if you’re in the New York City area and recognize Moranis’ assailant, be sure to give the cops down at the 20th precinct a heads up. 

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