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Rita Ora pops up in so many rumors it makes our head spin. The musician is not without controversy, but tabloids have invented a man-eating reputation that apparently made her a threat to numerous high-profile marriages. Here are some stories Gossip Cop has investigated about the singer.

Stealing Prince Harry

Way back in 2017, long before Prince Harry and Meghan Markle left for the United States, Celeb Dirty Laundry claimed Rita Ora was obsessed with Prince Harry and was hoping to steal him for herself. The webloid claimed Ora “has been crushing on Prince Harry for years” and wouldn’t let Markle stop her. A source close to the situation informed Gossip Cop that this story is completely “made-up.” Ora said she would swipe right on Prince Harry, and this outlet spun that one interview answer into this preposterous story.

Rita Ora Pining For Andrew Garfield

In 2018, In Touch claimed that Emma Stone was warning her ex Andrew Garfield to stay away from Rita Ora. A so-called source said Stone “reached out to Andrew and gave him some friendly advice — basically that he needs to protect his heart.” An insider said it was “nothing personal” against Ora, but Stone thought she was only dating him to get famous. Garfield and Ora did briefly date around this time, but Stone had no interest in breaking them up. A source close to the Easy A star assured Gossip Cop that the story was made up. This was a fairly popular narrative, but Stone had moved on.

Rita Ora Flirting With Keith Urban

According to Woman’s Day, Nicole Kidman was alarmed after learning that Keith Urban would be working with Ora on The Voice Australia. A source says Urban “swears on the bible” that he wouldn’t cheat with Rita Ora, but Kidman was still concerned. A source said that “she’s had her people have a quiet word in The Voice producer’s ears to make sure Keith and Rita are seated at the opposite ends of the judges’ tables.” That extra foot or two of space would really do the trick. Urban and Kidman have been together for a long time, and they’re still in love. Besides, Urban and Ora are professionals, so Gossip Cop debunked this regressive story.

Nicole Kidman Keeping Them Apart

This sounds familiar, doesn’t it? New Idea picked up the torch for this silly narrative and claimed, once again, that Nicole Kidman was angry that Keith Urban and Rita Ora would work together on The Voice Australia. A supposed source said Kidman was mad “purely because of her reputation.” Urban didn’t need the money, but a source said he thinks it’s “crucial to keeping up his appearances in Australia to sell albums. And besides, he enjoys nurturing new talent — it keeps him feeling inspired.” 

This is just another story about Kidman being a jealous person who doesn’t trust her husband. This was a carbon copy of the Woman’s Day story, right down to Keith Urban swearing on the bible. These tabloids have no credibility, and instead, parrot each other’s bogus narratives in a vain attempt to sound more legitimate.

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