In 2020, a tabloid claimed Ryan Seacrest was leaving Live with Ryan and Kelly and permanently relocating to Los Angeles. Gossip Cop is revisiting the report. Here’s what we found out.

Ryan Seacrest Left Kelly Ripa And New York Behind?

Last year, the National Enquirer alleged Seacrest and Kelly Ripa were going their separate ways. According to the sources, the co-hosts’, who have been on the morning talk show since 2017 together, were going their separate ways, and Seacrest was leaving Ripa “in the dust.” “Ryan simply wanted to remain in Los Angeles permanently, and Kelly won’t give up her New York roots. It was perfectly amicable. They just want different things,” one source told the magazine. The paper further detailed Seacrest filmed the talk-show from his home in Los Angeles and planned to keep it that way.

L.A. Was Better For Ryan?

The insider continued that Seacrest’s schedule and constant cross-country trips were beginning to wear him down. “He works round-the-clock, even when he’s flying. But he’s exhausted and wants to base himself permanently in Los Angeles,” the source added. The tipster divulged Seacrest “was still crazy about Kelly and that will never change. But he’s been watching her and hubby Mark Consuelos broadcasting from their home in New York, and he thinks they’d do just fine without him.”

Ryan Seacrest Isn’t Going Anywhere

Gossip Cop clarified at the time that Ryan Seacrest wasn’t going anywhere, and our verdict remains false to this day. Seacrest and Kelly Ripa are back on Live together after quarantining away from each other due to COVID-19 protocols. While the co-hosts did film the syndicated talk show from their respective homes last year, the American Idol never planned on leaving Live. Gossip Cop also got clarification from a source close to the host who assured us the story was bogus and it’s clear now that our reporting was correct.

The Tabloids Are Wrong, Again

Additionally, the Enquirer isn’t the most trustworthy source. Gossip Cop has busted the paper before for being wrong about Seacrest. Last year, the outlet claim Seacrest planned to propose to his then-girlfriend, Shana Taylor on Valentine’s Day. The pair broke up after the report came out and they were never engaged.

The outlet also alleged Seacrest’s health was deteriorating because of his workaholic tendencies. It’s no secret that Seacrest is one of the hardest working men in the industry. But, Gossip Cop corrected the bogus report. We spoke to a source close to Seacrest and our impeccable informant told us the article was false. Seacrest did take a day off last summer due to exhaustion, but he’s been back working as hard as ever since.

In one of its more ridiculous claims,  the publication also alleged Seacrest was going blind due to botox injections he was giving himself. Ryan Seacrest fans can relax, the media giant is doing just fine and he’s certainly not going blind. Clearly, the tabloid has been all over the place with these ridiculous stories about the host. Gossip Cop busted that story at the time, just as we’ve busted all the others.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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