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Is Ryan Seacrest letting his life spin out of control, so much so that friends and family are growing concerned? According to one tabloid, Seacrest was neglecting his hygiene, workout routine, and everything else in his life a year ago. Today, Gossip Cop is looking back to see how much of this story was true and whether or not Seacrest’s friends should be worried about his health. 

Ryan Seacrest’s Breakup Led To Downward Spiral?

Last year, Globe alleged Ryan Seacrest was “ragged” and turned “into a bloated recluse.” Apparently, the American Idol host’s breakup with Shayna Taylor, alongside the cancellation of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, had severe consequences. Insiders reported Seacrest was “shutting himself away for days on end, ignoring calls from friends and co-workers and only responding to texts.” In fact, sources were so concerned for Seacrest that they were “thinking about an intervention” to turn things around. 

The magazine continued by pointing out Seacrest’s unhealthy diet and lifestyle as a whole. According to insiders close to Seacrest, he was “stuffing his face with junk food.” But that’s not all. Seacrest was “neglecting his hygiene and his workout routine” as well. Friends of the television host were worried he had “health problems” and even reported that Seacrest “suffered a minor stroke on American Idol.” However, Seacrest’s friends were determined to help him out and weren’t “going to let him go on this way.” 

Should Friends Be Concerned For Ryan Seacrest? 

When Gossip Cop first debunked this story, it was almost too easy, and today the same remains true. All it took to discredit Globe’s claims that Seacrest was in a downward spiral was a quick look at his Instagram account. For example, the tabloid alleged one of the main reasons Seacrest was spiraling was the cancellation of Keeping Up with the Kardashians

However, in a heartfelt Instagram post commemorating the show’s end, Seacrest’s caption sounded more proud than anything. He specifically mentioned being excited about the future, so the idea of him panicking is bogus.

His career has continued on without incident, and the star still takes vacations and breaks frequently. Essentially, every part of this narrative was false, and friends and family never had to be concerned about Seacrest’s health. 

Other Ridiculous Rumors From This Tabloid 

Based on its history, the Globe clearly doesn’t have any reliable Hollywood “insiders” as it quotes in its stories. The result? A string of false narratives. For example, the magazine once claimed that Elton John only had months to live, as his health deteriorated fast. 

According to the tabloid, John’s past struggles with drug abuse were catching up with him, and he could no longer perform “without huffing and puffing.” Not only was the story false, but it was also entirely offensive to use John’s past to create a new rumor. The tabloid simply tries to turn celebrities’ pasts against them just to sell a story.

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