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Aneesh Chaganty’s (SEARCHING) horror/thriller RUN was originally slated to hit theaters earlier this year, but like everything else, COVID-19 had other plans and forced the Lionsgate flick off the schedule. It was later announced that Hulu had picked the film but hadn’t settled on a release date, but we now know that RUN will debut on November 20th, 2020. Mark your calendars. The film stars Sarah Paulson (American Horror Story) as Diane, an unhinged mother who has raised her daughter Chloe (Kiera Allen) in almost total isolation since her birth, but Chloe is now beginning to uncover her mother’s sinister secrets

Thanksgiving week is a wickedly fitting time to release the film, and we’re grateful to Hulu for trusting us to headline the holidays for them,” said Chaganty in a statement. “As the pandemic stretches on and mass communal activity shows no sign of returning to normal for at least another year, the merits of waiting for a theatrical release diminish – for most movies, but especially for a film as nimble as ours.” RUN is still expected to be released theatrically in select international markets. Sarah Paulson was most recently seen in Ratched, a prequel to ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST that follows the infamous Nurse Ratched. You can check out a review of the Netflix series from our own Alex Maidy right here.

The official synopsis for RUN:

They say you can never escape a mother’s love… but for Chloe, that’s not a comfort — it’s a threat. There’s something unnatural, even sinister about the relationship between Chloe (newcomer Kiera Allen) and her mom, Diane (Sarah Paulson). Diane has raised her daughter in total isolation, controlling every move she’s made since birth, and there are secrets that Chloe’s only beginning to grasp. From the visionary writers, producers and director of the breakout film Searching, comes a suspense thriller that shows that when mom gets a little too close, you need to RUN.

RUN will debut on Hulu on November 20, 2020.

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