Schitt’s Creek is still basking in the glow of its seven Emmy wins, including Best Comedy Series and wins in the Best Actor, Best Actress, Supporting Actor and Supporting Actress categories for Eugene Levy, Catherine O’Hara, Dan Levy, and Annie Murphy. When it was all said and done, Schitt’s Creek made it a clean sweep which makes it the first series to sweep all categories during the main telecast. Fresh off that historic night, it has been announced that the series will re-air in its entirety on Comedy Central — and that’s before the final season makes the move to Netflix.

Comedy Central is making the decision to air five-episode blocks of Schitt’s Creek starting October 2, 2020, from the beginning to the end. This just gives viewers another way to view the show, which aired in the US on Pop TV, a subsidiary of ViacomCBS’ Entertainment & Youth Group, which also includes Comedy Central. It took a while for Schitt’s Creek to catch on but once it made the move to Netflix, more eyes discovered the show that may not have access to Pop TV. Before you knew it, Schitt’s Creek became the comedy to watch and this has led it to its historic night a the Emmys, which happen to be for the show’s final season. Schitt’s Creek is a prime example of going out on top without milking the idea until it gets sour. 

Schitt’s Creek will still be found on Netflix but Comedy Central will actually get to air the final season before Netflix gets it. The streamer announced on their Twitter page today that the sixth and final season will hit their platform on October 7, 2020. You can check out the Twitter announcement below:

The sixth and final season of Pop TV’s Schitt’s Creek ended in April of this year and the series centers around an affluent family forced to live in a small-town motel after losing everything they own. Though the show was Emmy-nominated during its fifth season, it dominated this year’s awards with a total of nine wins out of its 15 nominations. The show’s ratings grew with each season and by the time it hit Netflix, It was the second-most-watched show acquired by streamer in March this year.

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