It was announced over the past weekend that Sean Connery had passed away at the age of 90, and although the actor hadn’t been seen on the big-screen for nearly two decades, he left behind an impressive body of work filled with many memorable films, such as DR. NO, MARINE, THE MAN WHO WOULD BE KING, ZARDOZ, HIGHLANDER, THE UNTOUCHABLES, INDIANA JONES AND THE LAST CRUSADE, THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER, THE ROCK, and many more.

Since Sean Connery’s passing, I’m sure that more than a few of you have watched at least one of those films in remembrance of the late actor, but if you’d like to hear the man himself discuss his career, you might be interested in watching Connery sit down with director/film critic Mark Cousins for the very first episode of BBC’s Scene by Scene interview series. This particular episode aired back in May 1997 and finds Connery discussing some of his early films, such DARBY O’GILL AND THE LITTLE PEOPLE, as well as THE BOWLER AND THE BUNNET, a documentary that was the only film which Connery directed. They also touch upon Connery’s time in the James Bond franchise, working with Alfred Hitchcock in MARINE (Connery lets loose a fun imitation of the director), all the way up to THE ROCK, which was released the year before this interview. It’s a good watch.

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