Vans, the manufacturer of skateboarding shoes and related apparel, recently took to their official Twitter account to announce that they’ll be releasing a collection called Vans x Horror in October – and this collection will consist of shoes that “bring to life your favorite iconic horror films”. The promotional video they shared on Twitter reveals that the design of the shoes was inspired by the Friday the 13th franchise, Stephen King’s It, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and Stanley Kubrick’s adaptation of the Stephen King novel The Shining.

Watch this to get an early look at the shoes:

The disappointing thing here is that Vans didn’t reveal exactly when the shoes will be available for purchase… but we’re only a week away from October, so that information should be out there very soon.

We can see in the video that the collection is a mixture of slip-on shoes and hi-tops. The It shoes have a checkerboard pattern disrupted by red balloons, and talk of floating written on the sole. The Elm Street shoe, of course, is red and green. The shoe inspired by The Shining features the film’s poster art and has Redrum on the sole. And the red and white splattered Friday the 13th shoes have the film’s logo on one foot and Jason’s hockey mask on the other.

Friday the 13th is my favorite horror franchise, so that shoe is my favorite of the bunch, even though I don’t tend to wear slip-on skateboarding shoes. I’ve also never had any horror-related shoes in my collection, although I have plenty of other horror-related items in my wardrobe.

We’ll let you know when Vans lets us know further details on the Vans x Horror collection.

How do these shoes look to you? Would you buy any of them for yourself? Share your thoughts on the Vans x Horror collection by leaving a comment below.

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