Warner Bros. recently made major release date changes for some of their upcoming high-profile releases and one film that was significantly pushed back was the DC Comics sequel SHAZAM: FURY OF THE GODS. Despite being pushed to the summer of 2023, director David F. Sandberg is assuring fans that this delay will not have any impact on the current shooting schedule.

Sandberg took to Twitter to respond to “Variety” reporting about all of the Warner Bros. release date changes which included new dates for THE BATMAN, THE MATRIX 4, and other films on their roster. Sandberg made it clear that their current shooting schedule will go on as planned so need to worry about some of the kids maturing too much before cameras begin to roll. You can check out Sandberg’s tweets below:

SHAZAM: FURY OF THE GODS was originally set to be released on November 4, 2022, following its initial delay from April 2022. Its current new release date is now June 2, 2023, and while that does seem a long way off, it’s just a necessary evil given delays caused by the global pandemic and the amount of time that goes into making tentpole releases such as this one. 

Zachary Levi, who will be returning in the title role, previously revealed that the current plan was to shoot in the first half of next year and it seems like that is still the plan. It is important for the sequel to remain somewhat on schedule because the film does have younger members of its cast. For example, Asher Angel, who plays Billy Batson, is growing up as we speak so a lengthy delay would allow puberty to set in and before you know it, Angel is on par with Zachary Levi. It seems like the delay will allow for a longer post-production period which could work in the film’s favor in the long run.

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