Tiger Woods wears a green shirt as he plays golf

Police have finally released the cause behind Tiger Woods’ February car crash. For weeks, the reason for the crash, which injured Woods’ right leg so seriously that the golf legend had to have surgery, has been kept from the public. According to law enforcement sources, there was only one reason Woods crashed that day.

‘Sole Cause’ For Tiger Woods’ Car Crash Revealed

Sources with “direct knowledge” of the situation tell TMZ that Tiger Woods was speeding at the time of his crash. Previously, the police in charge of the investigation had acknowledged that they knew the reason for the crash but couldn’t release that information to the public without consent from the involved party. 

Black box data retrieved from Woods’ wrecked SUV proved that the golfer had accelerated at the same moment that he lost control of the vehicle. He was apparently traveling at 83 MPH in a 45 MPH zone, and investigators believe that his high speed was the sole cause of the accident. Woods has maintained that he has no memory of the crash. 

This investigation has been fraught with suspicion since the day it began. Tiger Woods, who has previously been charged with driving under the influence, was not given a breathalyzer at the scene. The police also didn’t get a warrant to test Woods’ blood or check his cell phone to see if he was texting or on the phone at the time of the accident. These gaps in information have caused a wave of conspiracy theories surrounding the crash, which law enforcement no doubt wanted to squash with this latest information dump.

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