Universe building is still alive and well! Every studio sees the potential in building a cinematic universe and Sony Pictures is no different. While the studio shares Spider-Man with Marvel Studios, the company has revealed the official name for their isolated branch of the Marvel universe that refers to non-MCU films.

The official name for their non-MCU Marvel titles will be “Sony’s Spider-Man Universe.” The news was revealed during their presentation at CinemaCon, via ScreenRant, and this will include films already on the way like Venom: Let There Be Carnage and Morbius. Sony’s Spider-Man Universe officially kicked off with 2018’s Venom but now the studio has a name for their titles that will exist under the Marvel umbrella while also being non-MCU movies.

This would also include Kraven the Hunter, which is set to star Aaron Taylor-Johnson as the titular character. J.C. Chandor is set to direct the film and the movie is expected to hit screens on January 13, 2023. Since Sony’s Spider-Man Universe is separate but adjacent to the Disney/Marvel Studios’ films, there is some speculation as to how exactly Peter Parker/Spider-Man can or will be used. Back in the day, Sony and Disney got into a highly publicized rights debacle over the property but this news seems to hint that there is a compromise between the two entities for the character to show up in both universes. Spider-Man: No Way Home is definitely dabbling in the multiverse and that allows Sony to utilize a lot of angles with stories and characters moving forward if they choose to. I know fans want to see Tom Holland’s Spider-Man meet up with Tom Hardy’s Venom and this universe under Sony could be how this union can take place.

Sony already seems ready to toy with the connections between the two universes. Micheal Keaton’s Vulture has already popped up in the trailer for Morbius after making his MCU debut in Spider-Man: Homecoming while J.K. Simmons’ J. Jonah Jameson from the Sony Saim Raimi Spider-Man films, popped up in a surprise cameo at the end of MCU’s Spider-Man: Far From Home. This could become a complicated business if it isn’t done right but if they have their ducks in a row, they could be on to something good here. Let’s hope for the best.

What are YOUR thoughts on Sony’s Spider-Man Universe?

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