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While I doubt that many would call the films of Roland Emmerich great works of cinema, there’s no one else who does disaster porn quite like him. Emmerich’s latest high-concept thriller will be MOONFALL, which begins when the moon is knocked from its orbit by some mysterious force and is on a collision course for Earth. With life as we know it hanging in the balance and just weeks until impact, a ragtag team is launched into a seemingly impossible mission to land on the Moon and save humanity. With production on MOONFALL slated to kick off in Montreal later this month, Deadline has reported that Stanley Tucci (THE HUNGER GAMES) and John Bradley (Game of Thrones) have signed on to join the ensemble cast.

Stanley Tucci and John Bradley will be joining Halle Berry, Patrick Wilson, and Charlie Plummer in MOONFALL, with Tucci set to play Tom Phillips, a wealthy car dealer who happens to be married to the ex-wife of Patrick Wilson‘s character. As for Bradley, he’ll be playing KC Houseman, an “eccentric and unkempt genius who discovers that the moon has fallen out of its orbit.” The role was originally set to be played by Josh Gad, but the actor had to exit the project due to a scheduling conflict.

Last year, Emmerich said that MOONFALL is something of a mix between 2012 and INDEPENDENCE DAY, and that if you like his other movies, chances are decent that you’ll like MOONFALL as well.

If you like my movies, you’ll like this movie. It’s very much like 2012 and Independence Day. It’s a mix of the two, but without an extraterrestrial element. There is a big twist at some point, but I don’t want to give that away now. I had a very clear idea about the tone I wanted on this film. All my movies have humour and don’t take themselves too seriously. Comic relief is important in big films. Look at the original Star Wars. Or all the Marvel movies. You have to have a laugh as well.

Unlike his other movies, Roland Emmerich says that MOONFALL has franchise potential built right in. “I see this movie as having franchise potential,” Emmerich said. “I haven’t done that before. On Independence Day, we did another one because the studio asked, and in fact, I have a third part if the studio is interested. I had seen Stargate as a trilogy but that didn’t come together. So all my movies but one have been standalone.Stanley Tucci will next be seen Robert Zemeckis‘ adaptation of Roald Dahl‘s THE WITCHES, which is slated to debut on HBO Max on October 22nd. As for Bradley, he’s set to star alongside Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson in Kat Coiro’s romantic comedy MARRY ME on February 12, 2021.

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