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In the time since Steve Harvey’s long-running daytime talk show Steve was pulled from the air, there has been a lot of speculation in the tabloids about what the radio host will do next. Some outlets have claimed that Harvey could possibly also lose his job hosting Family Feud while others reported that the self-titled “host with the most” might even be planning to quit Hollywood altogether. Gossip Cop came across a number of rumors concerning Harvey’s future career moves and investigated them to see what’s really going on. 

Steve Harvey Plots To Replace Wendy Williams?

Last spring, the National Enquirer reported that “cigar-chomping” Steve Harvey wanted to get revenge on his former network by taking over The Wendy Williams Show. According to the tabloid’s dubious sources, after Wendy Williams took a three-week hiatus for her health, Harvey saw an opportunity to sweep in and replace her.

Nothing about this report was truthful whatsoever. Williams returned from her hiatus and resumed her role on her self-titled talk show. Harvey is clearly more interested in moving on with his life and future business ventures to be plotting a half-brained revenge scheme. 

Harvey Quitting Hollywood?

A month later, that same tabloid claimed that Harvey was “slamming the door” on Hollywood, heavily implying that he was leaving show business for good. A source confided to the outlet, “He’s been telling pals the Hollywood crowd just wasn’t for him and he didn’t click with the TV people out there.” Instead of remaining in California, the Family Feud host and his wife, Marjorie, moved to Atlanta, Georgia. Gossip Cop determined that Harvey’s move from California to Georgia didn’t mean that he was quitting Hollywood or stepping out of the limelight.  

FCC Complaints Could Lead To Harvey Being Fired From ‘Family Feud?’

Most recently, the Enquirer reported that Harvey’s job as the host of Family Feud could be in jeopardy because of a wave of FCC complaints about the popular game show. The outlet insisted that Harvey’s “dirty jokes and nonstop innuendo” wasn’t sitting right with many longtime viewers of the show. An unnamed source told the tabloid, “Steve needs to talk with his producers and rein in the edgy content or the network could fire him.” 

Gossip Cop questioned whether the writer of this article, or anyone else who works for this shady tabloid, had ever seen a single episode of Family Feud. It’s not Harvey who comes up with the ribald, sometimes crude answers, it’s the contestants. Harvey often acts shocked and bewildered by the contestants’ suggestive antics, but that’s part of the draw of the show and a tradition that stretches back to the game show’s earliest days. Harvey was in no real danger of losing his hosting job, though of course one of the seediest tabloids around would misrepresent the facts to make it seem as if he was.

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