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For quite a few of us, Subway holds a little place in our hearts. Maybe we grew up eating it. Maybe it’s our go-to road trip meal. Or maybe that special Subway smell makes our bellies rumble.

Regardless of our fondness (or lack of) for Subway, it’s safe to say that this fast-food chain has stayed pretty much the same all these decades. But, that has all changed with the launch of their new Eat Fresh Refresh campaign.

A (Brief) History Of Subway

Back in 2008, during the financial crisis, Subway thrived due to their $5 footlong deal. It was an easy, cheap and relatively healthy option for folks during such a challenging economical time. They massively expanded and became the chain with the largest number of units in the United States — that’s no small feat. 

But since then, the company has struggled to keep up that same momentum.

In 2015, founder Fred DeLuca passed away after being diagnosed with leukemia in 2013. This was a blow to the company and one of several factors that led to the brand’s decline. Other factors included new competition, as well as struggles to succeed with urban and college populations.

This dip in success was most likely the driving factor for the rebrand made up of all knew tasty ingredients.

The ‘Eat Fresh Refresh’ Campaign

Some of the new Subway changes have to do with the food itself. The company has been teasing these changes on their social media.

Beyond that, they’ve created a new menu, which is called, you guessed it, “Eat Fresh Refresh.” The menu strives to use fresher, better ingredients. More specifically, the change involves 11 new ingredients, six new sandwiches and four new improved subs. 

The new ingredients are artisan Italian bread, hearty multigrain bread, MVP (Most Valuable Parm) parmesan vinaigrette, smashed avocado, belgioioso fresh mozzarella, hickory-smoked bacon, oven-roasted turkey, steak and black forest ham.

The new sandwiches are Turkey Cali Fresh, Steak Cali Fresh, Rotisserie-Style Chicken, All American Club, Subway Club and Roast Beef. The improved subs are Steak & Cheese, Oven Roasted Turkey, Black Forest Ham and Chicken & Bacon Ranch.

With all of these changes combined, that’s quite a lot of new options to check out at Subway!

A New Way To Order

Just like all of the other changes happening at Subway, the ordering experiencing has also been upgraded. Now, you can order through the special Subway app. Or, if you’re looking for delivery, you can also order through DoorDash, GrubHub, Postmates or Uber Eats. 

Ordering from Subway has never been easier, and you can rest assured that everything’s still made to order — just the way we’ve always liked it.

‘It’s Too Much For One Spokesperson’

Subway is also not messing around when it comes to promotion.

The celebs they’ve hired to help promote their new look, new food and new start include Golden State Warriors basketball star Steph Curry, tennis legend Serena Williams, Tampa Bay Buccaneers football quarterback Tom Brady and soccer player Megan Rapinoe of OL Reign and the United States national team. 

Subway clearly felt that this new upgrade deserved a whole crew of some of the greatest American athletes, as shown by their clever commercial title: “It’s Too Much For One Spokesperson.”

Is It All Too Late?

While Subway has revamped their menu, made ordering easier than ever and brought on some of the biggest names in the sports world, will it be enough?

It’s hard to know whether or not this will move the needle when it comes to Subway’s success across the country. There are so many competitors these days that offer affordable, healthy meal options that only time will tell.

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