Well, isn’t this a sweet little treat! HBO Max just dropped a kick-ass trailer displaying the large slew of brand new movies it’ll be releasing this year both at home and in theaters on the same day! The trailer is right up top, so I suggest you click on it immediately!

I’m really digging the wide range of top studio films on display! We got glimpses of THE SUICIDE SQUAD, Godzilla vs Kong, Dune, Space Jam 2, Mortal Kombat, The Conjuring 3 and much more! How’s that for entertainment?!

Now, I’m well aware that some industry folk aren’t big fans of this whole same-day release schedule, but that shouldn’t matter to us viewers during these pandemic times. I just hope these films don’t follow in the mixed-bag footsteps of Wonder Woman 1984. How do you guys feel? Are you pumped to take in these forthcoming flicks? Please let us know in them comments below!

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