When the sun opposes Neptune, there can be lot of confusion around who a person actually is. I’m talking about an individual’s vital life energy, shown by their solar (sun) profile.

The Sun in Virgo is opposing Neptune in Pisces at this time. I’ve written a lot about the impact of having Neptune conjunct my ascendant. I’ve been mistaken for pretty much everything under the sun. (see tag – Neptune Midheaven).

Neptune blurs things. When you view something that is out of focus, it’s natural to bring it into focus.  When you process something in this way, your bias will be part of the conclusion you draw.

The current opposition is powerful because Neptune is in it’s own sign. It’s possible, a veil drop and you see a person’s good qualities but it’s probably more common you see your bad qualities in them!

With the sun opposing Neptune at this time, odds are you’re involved in some mess like this.  I keep hearing the word, “perception” in that one person is criticizing the other person’s perception.

In other cases, one person is denying the shining, vital life energy and (good-ness) of the other. The see themselves as a “higher being in some way”. They want to help the (possibly) misguided person by criticizing then.

This is hard to work with but I came across an interesting suggestion. If you find your opinion of someone wavering; going from good to bad and back to go; go with the positive read. This is smart, because if you really get to know someone, more often than not, you find they’re a better person than you thought or believed, back when you knew so little.

What can you tell us about Sun opposite Neptune?


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