Fox has unveiled the first teaser for the upcoming animated series The Great North, a new show from the talented mind of Bob’s Burgers and Central Park creator Loren Bouchard. According to its official description, The Great North follows the Alaskan adventures of the Tobin family, as a single dad does his best to keep his weird bunch of kids close, especially as the artistic dreams of his only daughter lead her away from the family fishing boat and into the glamorous world of the local mall.

The mall? Say it ain’t so! The mall is only good for two things: Panda Express and, actually, make that one thing.

The Great North, teaser, Nick Offerman, Jenny Slate, Alanis Morissette

If you have yet to hear about the voice cast for this one, listen up and listen well, my friends. The Great North stars the voices of Nick Offerman, Jenny Slate, Will Forte, Megan Mullally, Aparna Nancheria, Paul Rust, Dulcé Sloan, and Alanis Morissette. That’s right, the Canadian rock legend herself. For those who live in the Great North, as I do, this is a pretty big deal.

Being a major fan of Bob’s Burgers, I can’t wait to travel North to meet Bouchard’s newest animated family. Plus, how can you say no to Offerman, Slate, Forte, and Morissette all being under the same roof? That kind of magic is undeniable and I am fully prepared for this show to cast quite the spell. Let’s grab a warm jacket, lace-up our snow boots, and get moving.

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