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Matt Reeves’ TV version of Gotham City is in need of a new showrunner. Terence Winter, who created Boardwalk Empire and was tasked to write and serve as showrunner on Reeves’ TV spinoff of THE BATMAN, has left the project over “creative differences” according to “The Hollywood Reporter.”

The HBO Max spinoff was picked up straight-to-series back in July and was described as a companion show to go alongside 2022’s big-screen release of THE BATMAN. The project would be set in the world that Reeves is creating for his version of The Dark Knight and it would build upon the film’s focus on corruption in Gotham City. Through the film and TV series, the intention was to launch a new BATMAN universe across multiple platforms. The exact reasons for Winter’s departure are unknown but “The Hollywood Reporter” reports that his vision for the concept did not coincide with what Reeves and the other producers had in mind. A new showrunner hasn’t been selected as of now but the search is currently ongoing.

Reeves’ THE BATMAN, whether in film or TV form, has seen its share of snags that the director likely wasn’t expecting. Reeves had to deal with the initial COVID-19 shutdown in March that caused all of Hollywood to go dark and then, once it was deemed safe to go back to work months later, the film’s star, Robert Pattinson, tested positive for the virus which caused another delay on the project. The film’s release date was shifted multiple times due to these issues and the end result is its current release date of March 4, 2022. It’s not clear if the search for a new showrunner will impact the schedule of the TV spinoff and its ultimate connection to the film but it’s likely a headache that all involved do not what to deal with given all that has occurred prior to this setback. 

As for Winter, the loss of one job doesn’t mean the writer won’t be busy. Winter just signed on to oversee a television anthology series based on DIAL M FOR MURDER that is in the works with MGM/US Television. Alicia Vikander is spearheading the new endeavor as a producer and has her eye to star in the project that will tell its story from the female lead’s perspective. 

What do YOU think the creative differences were that caused Winter to depart THE BATMAN spinoff?

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