In this spinoff of JoBlo’s popular “WTF Happened” series, we dive into movies that are based on TRUE STORIES, real people and actual events from history. Our research finds us digging through available evidence to determine the FACT and FICTION of what Hollywood put on the screen. Do the depicted scenes and details carry a whiff of truth… or a strong scent of BULLS#!T? In other words… “WTF REALLY Happened To This Movie?!?”

In this episode we spend some time at 112 Ocean Avenue, the site of cold-blooded murders, and the “haunting” of the home’s subsequent residents that led to the book and 1979 movie THE AMITYVILLE HORROR. The actual Lutz family claimed to have experienced terror from malevolent apparitions after moving into the house. We see how the James Brolin/Margot Kidder film version compares to those “true” supernatural occurrences in “WTF REALLY Happened to THE AMITYVILLE HORROR”!

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