Want to own the real location that inspired one of the best haunted house movies of the last twenty years? Well, here’s your chance: the house where the events of The Conjuring (watch it HERE) – or a version thereof – took place is now on the market, going for the price of $1.2 million.

Located at 1677 Round Top Road in Burrillville, Rhode Island, the Conjuring house was built in 1836 and sits on an 8.5 acre lot. It’s 3,109 square feet, has three bedrooms, one and a half bathrooms, a full basement, and is apparently haunted. Here’s the description from realtors Mott and Chace:

Every so often an opportunity presents itself to possess an extraordinary piece of cultural history. The true story of ‘The Conjuring’ started in this very house, in Harrisville, RI. The critically acclaimed original movie was based on accounts taken from inhabitants of this fourteen-room farmhouse.

Rumored to be haunted by the presence of Bathsheba Sherman, who in the 1800’s lived in the house, 1677 Round Top Road is one of the most well-known haunted houses in the United States. The chilling stories from this house have inspired dozens of books and movies. Many qualified paranormal researchers have been invited into the home – most famously Ed and Lorraine Warren, who founded the oldest ghost hunting team in New England, and in the 1970’s were hired to rid the home of its evil. The Warrens confirmed that the events depicted in The Conjuring movies (the third just recently released) actually transpired.

The current caretakers have reported countless happenings in the house, and have turned overnight guest bookings and group events on the property into a steady successful business.

You can take a virtual tour of the house at MottandChace.com. With how popular the “Conjuring Universe” is, I have a feeling the house won’t be on the market for long.

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