If your sun is aspected by Jupiter, you tend to be confident.  You’re often larger than life in some way.  Sun Jupiter types have a healthy ego and are generally entertaining. A person has to have a healthy ego to be able to put themselves out there.  It’s easier to be a big deal when you think you’re a big deal!


On the downside, I’ve noticed that people with Jupiter aspecting their sun (especially the opposition), tend to over-promise. They may do this with the best of intentions. But I’ve learned to check my beliefs around a person’s ability to deliver something that seems over-the-top or excessive.


If you’re a Sun Jupiter type, you may have a tendency to make huge, sweeping promises that you really can’t or won’t fulfill.


I see this a lot when it comes to online dating and more specifically, long-distance love.  The person has everything to offer along with the willingness to share it, but.. but then something happens and the Jupitarian leaves.

What do note to be the shadow side of the big figure at large?  Also, if your sun aspects Jupiter, can you see yourself in this?



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