When fall arrives, many of us are ready to “take the summer out” of our hair and ditch the lighter tones. A season of cool, crisp weather is the perfect time for warmer, dimensional tones and darker hair color. And we tend to find inspiration from the fall colors around us.

However, this year’s fall hair color trend is a bit different. It holds onto the summer sun-kissed look, while embracing the edge of fall. According to colorists all over the country, the fall of 2021 is the season of the delicious-looking “Mocha Melt.”

How To Get The Mocha Melt

Colorist Karissa Schaudt from Chicago’s Maxine Salon recently told Health Magazine that those of us with a naturally brown base color should try out the Mocha Melt. That’s because the color “is beautiful on brunettes that want a blend of blond tones.”

At your next salon appointment, Schaudt suggests asking your colorist for a full balayage if you want to try the Mocha Melt. You seriously can’t go wrong with dark roots and highlights during the fall season.

“This style should keep a rooted look, while lightening the mid-ends,” she said. “This melt is lifted two to three levels lighter than the natural [color], so it’s not overly lightened and perfect for fall.”

Britt Dion, Aveda North America’s artistic director of hairstyling, says that the Mocha Melt is going to be everywhere this fall. “We are going to be seeing a lot of mocha and espresso chocolates and coffees.”

What Is Balayage?

We glossed over that pretty quickly, so let’s back up a bit. If you aren’t familiar with balayage, it’s simply a highlighting technique that doesn’t use foils. Instead, your colorist hand paints the color directly on your hair. This allows them to create a more natural, blended color.

The cool thing about balayage is that it usually gives you a much longer grow-out period. Instead of getting a touch up every six to eight weeks, you can usually stretch it out to 12 weeks or longer.

It’s A Great Time To Be A Brunette

The latest color trends have made being a brunette so much fun, and that’s definitely the case with the Mocha Melt. When your colorist puts different tones in all the right places, your hair will have movement, vibrancy, and dimension.

Mocha hair colors are subtle and sophisticated shades, and the Mocha Melt will turn ordinary brunette hair into a truly special blend.

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