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THE FOREVER PURGE was previously announced as the final film of the lucrative Purge franchise but creator James DeMonaco recently said he has an idea for a sixth film and now he’s adding to that by saying he wants to bring back a franchise favorite to star in the next installment.

During a chat with “Slashfilm“, DeMonaco revealed that a sixth film would focus heavily on Frank Grillo’s Leo Barnes and it would forcibly bring Grillo back into the chaos to try and save the day:

“Dude, my Purge 6 idea is all about Frank. It’s all about the Leo character. Without giving anything away, I think he’s off on his own, but he’s going to be called back into action, hopefully on Purge 6, if we’re lucky enough to do it. I hope that Leo comes back. That’s the goal. When I came up with Purge 6, he was the center of the idea. I’m hoping that we get to do that with him.”

Grillo made his first appearance as the vengeful Los Angeles Department sergeant in the second film, The Purge: Anarchy. Leo uses the rules of the Purge to hunt down the man who killed his son during a drunk driving accident. The actor reprised the role in the third film, The Purge: Election Year, which found Leo working as head of security for Sen. Charlie Roan, a presidential candidate that was determined to end the yearly Purge.

Grillo has previously teased that he had been talking with DeMonaco about a return to the franchise. The actor said “We are talking, [DeMonaco] and I, about another Purge movie. He reached out to me not too long ago and Sebastian [K. Lemercier], the producer and they’re like, ‘What do you think?’ and I’m like, ‘What do you think?’ and they’re like, ‘We talked to Universal and we’ll see Leo Barnes in the [next] Purge if we can come up with something great.’ I said, I’m in. I’ll do it in a heartbeat.'” At least we know that all the parties involved are game if a sixth film can happen.

The Forever Purge grossed just under $12.48 million over its first three days and $15.66 million by the end of the Fourth of July holiday. It marked the lowest debut in the five-film saga but, given the fact that the film cost $18 million to make, there should be enough profit by the end of its run for Univeral Pictures to sign off on that sixth installment.

Would YOU want to see Frank Grillo return to The Purge franchise?

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