Is Sharon Osbourne returning to The Talk? Is she being replaced by another provocative high-profile personality? One tabloid has endlessly speculated what her departure could mean for the show. Gossip Cop has investigated the rumors and can clear matters up.

Sharon Osbourne Returns To ‘The Talk’?

Back in May, the National Enquirer reported The Talk was already begging Sharon Osbourne to return. According to the tabloid’s insider, “There is no secret The Talk is melting down. The show is a disaster on life support which is why there is mass panic behind the scenes.” Despite Osbourne publicly insulting her costars, the tabloid alleged the show’s producers “have had to bite their lips and do what they considered unthinkable only a few weeks before — approach shrewd Sharon to discuss coming back.” Of course, Gossip Cop was quick to explain that while it’s true The Talk did drop in ratings, the bridge is burnt between the show and Osbourne. It’s clear no one on the show is asking Osbourne to come back.

Marie Osmond To Replace ‘Rival’ Sharon Osbourne?

Then, the National Enquirer changed its story. According to the new report, Marie Osmond was finally getting her perfect revenge on Osbourne. When Osmond departed from the program last year, many speculated it was because Osbourne had driven her away. Of course, now that Osbourne is gone for good, the tabloid speculates it could be time for Osmond to return. An insider dished, “Producers know this is a perfect opportunity to bring Marie back. The ratings have dropped like a stone and Marie could bring viewers back in droves!” But Gossip Cop clarified that Osmond didn’t leave because of Osbourne. Osmond left because of the COVID pandemic citing the difficulty of the transition to at-home filming as her motivation for departing.

Meghan McCain Joining ‘The Talk’?

Then, the National Enquirer switched up its narrative yet again. This time, Osbourne wasn’t returning or being replaced by old rivals, but instead was being replaced by The View‘s Meghan McCain. The tabloid pointed to McCain’s tensions with her co-stars as the reason for jumping ship. The tabloid noted, “Differences in opinion aside, they never really liked each other.” The tabloid alleged McCain would be more comfortable on The Talk where she wouldn’t have to suffer “constant put-downs” from her co-hosts.

But the tabloid failed to mention McCain wasn’t leaving The View because her co-stars drove her off. Instead, McCain was undergoing some major life changes after giving birth and planning to move to Washington DC with her family, and simply couldn’t see herself returning to The View for any more seasons. It’s unclear how The Talk would remedy her situation.

Who’s Really Replacing Sharon Osbourne?

So, if it isn’t Osmond, McCain, or Osbourne herself, who is really filling Osbourne’s seat on The Talk? Well, lucky for fans, the show just announced that actor Jerry O’Connell will be taking Osbourne’s place on the show. O’Connell has been a regular guest host on the program and is already well-liked by the co-panelists and audience alike. It seems the National Enquirer was truly grasping at straws and was unable to even guess at this conclusion. Clearly, the tabloid can’t be trusted to report accurately on the show.

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