Last Friday saw the release of a new horror film from James Wan, the completely nuts slasher Malignant. So it’s fitting that the latest episode of the Paranormal Network’s video series Hunting the Haunted is digging into the real world inspiration for a previous Wan horror film, The Conjuring. In the video embedded above, the Hunting the Haunted team discusses the true story of the Conjuring House and paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. Which details were changed when the story was brought to the screen? Check out the new episode of Hunting the Haunted to find out!

Hunting the Haunted is a monthly exploration of

alleged paranormal activity hosted by investigators and researchers Jason Hewlett and Peter Renn. The two combine their knowledge of hauntings and paranormal investigation to well known, and lesser known, reports of people, places and things that are haunted. The show dissects everything from The Amityville Haunting and The Enfield Poltergeist, to cases Peter has investigated during his 27 years in the field. Jason and Peter also touch on other aspects of the paranormal, including equipment, hoaxes and natural explanations for alleged activity.

The show is hosted by paranormal investigators Jason Hewlett and Peter Renn and edited by Jason D. Morris. This episode was written by Jason Hewlett. Hunting the Haunted is Produced by Jason Hewlett and Executive Produced by Berge Garabedian.

A few of the previous episodes of Hunting the Haunted can be seen below. This is one of several shows we have on our The Paranormal Network YouTube channel, which is dedicated to things like UFOs, hauntings, and cryptids. Other series there include That Bigfoot Show, Mytheries, We Want to Believe, UFO Incidents, and The UFO Show. To see more, head over to YouTube, check out the channel, and subscribe while you’re there!

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