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It’s not always easy to stay on the exercise bandwagon. 

Life gets busy, we get a little lazy or we might not be a big fan of exercise in the first place. With the high cost of fitness subscriptions, classes or gear, cost is another larger factor for some.

Fitness Blender, an online website that offers tons of workout videos at no cost, solves all of those exercise barriers. In addition to their exercise offerings, their site also offers free health tips, nutrition advice and healthy recipes.

Fitness Blender’s Workout Offerings

There’s something for everyone on Fitness Blender.

They have videos jam packed with cardio such as “Energy Boosting Cardio Jumpstart,” “Low Impact Cardio and Abs Workout” and “Cardio Kickboxing Workout.”

The website also offers HIT (high intensity interval training) workouts for those that love a sweat. We found “Lower Body HIIT For Strong Legs,” “Mixed Martial Arts HIIT – Train Like a MMA Fighter” and “Fat Burning HIIT Cardio Workout.”

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And if you’re looking for a more targeted approach, there are many body part-specific options, including “Functional Upper Body Workout for Strength and Coordination,” “Fat Burning Butt and Thigh Workout” and “10 Minute Abs Workout – Pilates Abs Burner.”

Also, if you’ve forgotten, all of these workout videos are 100% free. However, there is an option to upgrade if you choose to, but it’s not required.

Fitness Blender’s All Access Membership

If you choose to upgrade your plan, you can have an All Access Membership at an auto-renewal cost of $8.99 per month, an annual cost $79.99 annually or a pay-as-you-go cost of $11.99 per month.

This enhanced membership gives you access to more workout video options, a customizable calendar, a wide selection of healthy recipes, health and fitness articles and an online community to gather inspiration and advice from.

Fitness Blender is the perfect, simple way to stay committed to the healthiest version of you. The best thing about it is that it’s a one-stop shop for all of your wellness needs – all at a no cost (or low cost if your choose) from the comfort of your own home.

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