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Getting out the door in a hurry and trying to recreate the latest hairstyle isn’t always feasible. So, as a result, most of us opt for ease and convenience. But the truth is, simple buns and ordinary ponies are boring AF.

So, in a recent Instagram post, Anisa Sojka offered a quick and easy solution to spice up those tired ponies. This chic wrap-around bubble-pony from will make you look flawlessly stylish no matter where you go. 

Let’s see how easy it is to achieve this voluminous pony! 

A Chic Pony For Any Occasion 

The key to achieving this fashionable updo is to start with a sleek, wrap-around ponytail. This first step takes your pony from plain to stylish in a matter of seconds by covering the elastic with a chunky hair strand.

Next, use subsequent elastics to tie off each section of hair every two inches and fluff it out to achieve a ballooned ponytail appearance.

And there you have it! Sojka’s chic pony is both easy and stylish. 

But maybe all you want is a sleek, wrap-around pony. If that’s the case, read on for some quick steps.

The Ultimate Wrap-Around Pony 

  1. Start with a simple, slick ponytail and tie it off with an elastic.  
  2. Grab a strand of hair from underneath the elastic that will wrap around the hair tie. You’ll want to make sure the hair strand isn’t too thick or thin. 
  3. Wind the hair strand once around the elastic in a clockwise direction and end up back where you started. 
  4. Next, loosen the hair to locate the elastic. Then, with two fingers, reach through one strand of the elastic. 
  5. Before bringing the wrapped hair through the elastic, tighten it. Then, pull the hair strand over the top of the ponytail in a counterclockwise direction, bringing it underneath the pony. 
  6. Lastly, pull the ponytail and wrapped hair strand apart from each other to fasten the updo. 
  7. Gently arrange the hair on top of the ponytail to cover the elastic completely. Voilà! You’ve got yourself a fool-proof wrapped ponytail! 

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