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We stan anything that’s easy and chic, so this hairstyle is definitely one of our new favorites. Plus, this style is simple enough for most to achieve, especially on days when washing our hair isn’t in the cards.

#Hairinspo on TikTok has over 933.7 million views and @georgina.gigii is leading the way in sleek and simple styles. Currently, she has 22 “greasy hairstyle” tutorials and counting. We’re hopeful that she’ll continue the trend. 

How To Get The Bubble Ponytail Look

Step aside, dry shampoo, because we’re leaning into the sleek look.

All you’ll need for this hairstyle are hair ties, Nuxe hair oil, and a little bit of arm strength.

First, part your hair down the middle and add a little oil to tame the flyaways. Pull your hair into a medium ponytail, just below the crown of the head. Then, section your hair into four segments (depending on hair length) with clear hair ties. Fluff out the hair to get the “bubbly” look. This bubble ponytail is definitely an elevated, but still cute and casual look.  

While some commenters loved the style (I mean, it has over 196.7K likes and 620 comments), others weren’t so convinced of the look. A common comment was some version of, “Just wash your hair,” but Georgina wasn’t having any of that. Her response? “Sorry, but I live for these sleek hairstyles.”

Other Sleek Looks

Several looks a part of this “greasy hair” series list Bella Hadid, Dua Lipa, and Gigi Hadid as inspiration. Different variations of braids, twisted ponytails, and spacebuns are common.

Part 16 of the series is another favorite. It’s a Dua Lipa inspired braided ponytail that’s fun, cute, and easy to recreate. You’ll start by brushing your hair back and adding Got2Be Chaotic Modelling Fibre Gum to ensure the look is almost drenched. Pull your hair into a high pony and section into three or four braids. Use a clear elastic band at the bottom of each braid, and finish with L’Oreal Paris Elnett Satin Strong Hold Hairspray for extra hold.

Sure, these hairstyles are pretty standard, but we’re loving them! When she incorporates butterfly clips, claw clips, and headscarves, it’s just an added bonus. We can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!

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