Woman using a massage gun to relieve back pain.

Muscle pain can be a pain in the neck, and back, and thigh, and…well, you get our point. Percussion massage therapy has emerged as an effective treatment for deep-seated muscle pain, and one of the best tools on the market right now is the HD Mini2 Massage Gun from HiDow. This small, yet powerful massage tool would make the perfect holiday gift or stocking stuffer and Suggest readers get the added benefit of getting this product for $75 off with our exclusive promo coupon code.

Give the gift of robust relief this season with a massage gun small enough to pinpoint the origins of stiff muscles and strong enough to blast through tension. Though it comes in a small package, the HiDow HD Mini2 Massage Gun packs a powerful punch, especially when it comes to tense muscles that need a little extra oomph to relax. At only 1 lb 2oz, this tool is quiet, compact, and–perhaps most importantly–portable and easy to handle. It’s also just small enough to make its way into a stocking.

HD Mini2 Massage Gun.

Its small size makes it perfect for taking with you on the go. The perfect gym companion, stiff muscles after a workout can be a thing of the past. Know someone who complains of aches and pains after a plane ride? The HD Mini2 Massage Gun is the perfect tool to slip in their carry-on luggage to keep them limber even while sitting in those tiny airline seats. The sports enthusiast in your life will thank you, and their sore muscles will thank them for the instant relief this product will bring. 

The deceptively simple design makes it perfect for reaching those tough to access spots. With a stroke depth of 6mm, the HD Mini2 Massage Gun can get deeper than its small size would have one assume. It comes complete with an aviation grade aluminum shell that gives it a durable quality that we absolutely adore. Is there anything better than knowing the gift you’re giving is durable enough to last a lifetime? The one year manufacturer warranty for this massage gun makes this sweet deal just that much sweeter. 

Not only is the HD Mini2 Massage Gun durable, it also comes with enough variety to solve any problem. There are four speed options that range from 1,700 ppm to 3,200 ppm, which gives it the ability to tackle any muscle pain, great or small. That versatility isn’t available just anywhere. 

Various HD Mini2 Massage Gun heads.

The product also features four attachment heads to provide a variety of relief to users. It comes with a ball head, U-shape, trigger point, and a flat head that gives tons of options when it comes to percussion massage therapy. When dealing with muscle pain, variation is key. HiDow is absolutely aware of this, which is why the HD Mini2 Massage Gun comes with a variety of attachments and speeds to ease and relax those muscles and provide the user with some much needed relief.

The U-shape attachment is perfect for digging along the sides of muscles for instant relief. The trigger point targets sore spots with ruthless ease, while the ball head and flat head attachment give a deep massage that won’t aggravate tender areas. There’s nothing worse than a massage tool that causes more pain, so we’re glad to see this particular massage gun can switch up its tactics on a dime.

Along with all of that variation comes a long-lasting battery which makes this product even easier to use. The battery lasts for seven hours of use and recharges completely in just two and a half hours, meaning you can plug it in overnight and wake up the next morning with it ready to go. 

When we called this product portable, we weren’t just talking about it’s small and easy to carry size. Having a long lasting battery means there’s endless ways to use the HD Mini2 Massage Gun away from the comforts of home without worrying about it dying on you halfway through. 

The set price for this product is $199 for one and $299 for a two pack. Suggest readers, however, get access to an exclusive $75 off coupon which drops those prices down to $124 for one and $224 for two. All our readers have to do is use the code Q75 between now and December 31 to take advantage of this generous offer. 

The holidays are swiftly approaching, so there’s no time like the present to start looking for gifts for that special person in your life. Whether it’s someone who’s dealing with chronic pain issues or a person with an active lifestyle who doesn’t want sore muscles cramping their style, the HiDow HD Mini2 Massage Gun is the gift that keeps on giving. 

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