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Most of us couldn’t imagine going through a workweek without coffee. Whether you’re a black coffee purist or a frap-lover, we rely on caffeine to help manage our busy schedules. 

But too much coffee can negatively impact our health, reversing any benefits a little extra energy might provide. 

Luckily, we no longer have to choose between our health and not feeling like a zombie in the morning—and it’s all thanks to MUD/WTR.

The Cons Of Coffee

Our culture is so centered around coffee that we often overlook its harsher side effects. There are several pros and cons to drinking coffee, some of which are easier to see than others. 

Coffee certainly provides a burst of energy and, in moderation, focus. But too much coffee can also cause jitters, anxiety, and GI issues

Other side effects are longer lasting and harder to identify. For example, excessive caffeine consumption can cause calcium loss. This increases the risk of osteoporosis

Additionally, caffeine can disrupt sleep patterns. Drinking too much coffee late in the day can make it difficult—and for some, impossible—to fall asleep.   

Despite these cons, we keep coffee at the forefront of our lives. After all, the alternatives seem pretty bleak: sugary sodas, energy drinks, or abstaining altogether. 

For many of us, no caffeine is a no-go. But thanks to MUD/WTR, we no longer have to suffer through coffee’s less-than-savory side effects.

An All-Natural Alternative

MUD/WTR is an all-natural, vegan coffee alternative. The powdered blend consists of masala chai, cacao, spices, and mushrooms. Each ingredient provides focus, energy, antioxidants, or a blend of all three. 

Moreover, MUD/WTR is completely organic, gluten-free, kosher, and Whole30-approved. One serving contains 20 calories and 4 g of carbs. 

MUD/WTR provides energy and focus without the jitters and anxiety. It’s less acidic than coffee, meaning it’s softer on the stomach and less likely to give you heartburn. 

Although it contains 1/7 the caffeine as coffee, MUD/WTR’s ingredients pack a heavy punch.

The Magic Of Mushrooms

The magic of MUD/WTR is in its mushrooms (no, not the trippy kind). MUD/WTR contains several adaptogenic mushrooms. These powerful shrooms help promote normal body function and prevent stress-related damage. 

The HPA axis largely controls our body’s natural stress response. Adaptogens influence the HPA axis to increase resistance to stress and promote homeostasis. Lion’s mane, chaga, reishi, and cordycep mushrooms all contain adaptogenic properties. 

Research shows that lion’s mane can reverse stress-induced depletion of BDNF. BDNF is a protein that is essential to brain function. Decreased levels can cause low stress tolerance and depression. 

Chaga and reishi mushrooms also help support adrenal gland function. This helps the body to respond to stress better and also strengthens the immune system. Studies have shown reishi mushrooms help protect against exercise-induced damage to muscle cells. 

Similarly, cordyceps improve stress responses and bolster the immune system. Research suggests these fungi might also have anti-tumor effects on the body. Additionally, cordyceps help reduce inflammation and manage Type 2 Diabetes

In addition to these magic mushrooms, MUD/WTR contains cinnamon, turmeric, and cacao. Cinnamon and turmeric add flavor and anti-inflammatory properties. Cacao offers an energy and mood boost.

Ditch The Coffee, Not The Routine

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(Anna Nekrashevich/

MUD/WTR’s list of health benefits is certainly impressive. But like with many “bad” habits, we’re not only hooked to the substance itself. We’re hooked on the routine. 

Smokers aren’t just addicted to nicotine. They’re also addicted to the oral fixation of the act of smoking. Heavy drinkers crave the socialization alcohol can provide. And for coffee drinkers, brewing a cup of joe is a sacred part of their morning routine. 

MUD/WTR has a solution for that, too. Preparing a cup of MUD/WTR is just as ritualistic as brewing coffee. Similarly to coffee, you boil water and pour it into a mug. Then, add your preferred flavors or creamer. 

“Take a tablespoon of mud, and drop it into your favorite mug. Pour in some hot water like you’re making matcha. From here on out, it’s your world. We’re just living in it,” MUD/WTR’s website reads

“Some go wild and add some honey and CBD. Others add our coconut and MCT creamer. And some keep it OG and drink it straight up.” Just pour, mix, and enjoy. The only thing missing from your morning routine will be the jitters and heartburn.

It Tastes As Good As You’ll Feel

Rest assured, you won’t have to skimp out on the flavor, either. Masala chai, cacao, and cinnamon blend together to create a warm, cozy flavor that one happy customer called “fall in a cup.”

MUD/WTR’s website describes the flavor as “earthy, a little chocolate, and slightly spicy. Like chai and hot cocoa had a lil’ hippie love child.” Even the most avid coffee drinkers prefer MUD/WTR to the bitter taste of black coffee. 

“Cinnamon, chai, cocoa, it’s all in there,” Linn C. writes. “Yummy goodness. I was pleasantly surprised. Highly recommended.”

“For a coffee lover whose doctor said no more coffee, this is the best alternative I discovered,” Marisol A. adds. 

Try It Today!

MUD/WTR offers an all-inclusive starter kit with everything you need to make the switch. And once you do, there’s no going back.

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