If you ever felt like taking a trip back to the almost fairytale-like world of EDWARD SCISSORHANDS, then the makers of Cadillac and their new All-Electric vehicle have quite the treat! In an ad slated for today’s Super Bowl LV game, Timothy Chalamet steps into the leathery guise of the sharp-handed character portrayed originally by Johnny Depp as Edward’s son, Edgar. And wouldn’t you know it, Winona Ryder (who portrayed Kim, Edward’s love interest in the film) shows up as Edgar’s mom! Check out the spot up top!

I love how the Edgar’s house still looks like the pastel homes in Tim Burton’s film. Danny Elfman’s iconic score also plays over most of the spot, adding more of that nostalgic magic. And that self-driving Cadillac sure looks cool. This is a great example of what a perfect Super Bowl commercial should be: sweet, funny, familiar and ties in nicely with what is being sold. What do you guys think? Let us know below. 

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