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Not long after The Sandman creator Neil Gaiman announced that filming will commence on Netflix’s adaptation of his sprawling comic series in just three weeks’ time, Collider is saying that Sweetbitter actor Tom Sturridge is in talks to star as the title’s central character, Dream. Gaiman is executive producing with David S. Goyer and showrunner Allan Heinberg for the 11-episode order.

The main character of The Sandman is Dream, who is also known as Morpheus, Oneiros, and by many other names. He’s one of the Endless, a group of extremely powerful beings who are the embodiment of natural forces. In addition to Dream, the other Endless include Destiny, Death, Destruction, Desire, Despair, and Delirium. The series begins with Dream having been imprisoned for 70 years after being captured in an occult ritual. Finally escaping into the modern-day world, Dream sets about rebuilding his kingdom while also trying to correct the wrongs of his past.

According to sources, Sturridge tested for the role of Dream alongside actors the likes of Tom York and Colin Morgan before being named as the mysterious Robert Smith look-alike. In addition to playing Jake for the Starz series Sweetbitter, Sturridge appeared alongside Jake Gyllenhaal in Dan Gilroy‘s bizarre VELVET BUZZSAW film. He also played Lord Byron in MARY SHELLY, as well as Ryan Gosling‘s brother in Terrence Malick‘s SONG TO SONG.

As the overseer of a world without limits, Dream is an enigmatic character that will grant Sturridge a grand stage with which to display his acting chops. Anything can happen so long as Dream deems it so, and I’m looking forward to seeing how Netflix plans on taking advantage of such an impossible figure at the center of their upcoming series. One thing’s for sure, Sandman fans will be watching Sturridge’s performance very carefully, so here’s hoping that he brings more than his A-game to the role.

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