Trae Young in a hat and blue sweater standing with his girlfriend, Shelby Miller, who is wearing a brown and black dress.

When it comes to the love lives of NBA players, we love a good college sweetheart story. Such is the case with Trae Young. The Atlanta Hawks point guard—who is being hailed as basketball’s next big superstar—has been committed to a special someone for years, so slide into his DMs at your own risk. Keep reading to get all the facts on Trae Young’s girlfriend.

Trae Young Is A Rising Star In The NBA

In case you haven’t been paying attention to the NBA, Young is currently the player to watch.

As a high school player in Norman, Oklahoma, Young was ranked a top prospect by scouts in 2017. He committed to the Oklahoma Sooners but put all of one year into his college career when he declared for the 2018 NBA Draft.

Young didn’t see the point of playing out three years at the collegiate level. He smashed records that year by becoming the only NCAA player to lead in both points and assists. It also didn’t hurt to have Steph Curry and LeBron James sing his praises. Young was scooped up as the overall fifth pick by the Dallas Mavericks but was immediately traded to the Atlanta Hawks.

Since then, he’s been unstoppable. In 2019, he made the All-Rookie Team; in 2020, he was a certified All-Star. This year is no different: as this story is being written, Young is making moves during the Eastern Conference semifinals.

Those are some incredible accomplishments for someone who is only 22 years old. It’s hard to believe Young finds time for a personal life, but when he’s not on the court, he’s in a committed long-term relationship with someone special.

Who Is Trae Young’s Girlfriend?

Trae Young’s girlfriend is Shelby Miller. Various sources say she was born on October 25, 1995, which would make her three years older than her man.

Her mother, Sherri, is an adjunct instructor and intern supervisor at the University of Oklahoma; her father, Mike, is the Vice President of EnviroProducts, a company that provides products for vehicle maintenance.

Miller has one sister who was recently married. Young looked sharp at the wedding and appeared to have a great time on the dance floor with his girlfriend that night.

Miller has over 17,000 followers on Instagram, but she doesn’t share too many details about her personal life. What we do know is that she posts cute couple pics on the regular, like this one from Valentine’s Day.

Scroll through her feed and you can pick up other little interesting factoids about Miller. For instance, she had her own small taste of the spotlight in 2017 when she appeared on the Today show with Al Roker.

Trae Young And Shelby Miller Started Dating While They Were At Oklahoma

There’s no word on when Young and Miller began their courtship, but Instagram posts suggest they go all the way back to 2017. That’s when Miller was a cheerleader for the University of Oklahoma (there’s no shortage of pics where she’s showing her school spirit) and Young put in his one year as a Sooner.

We imagine Miller has been on a wild ride since her boyfriend became an NBA star. For starters, her Facebook profile says she relocated from her hometown of Norman to Atlanta, Georgia—presumably to stay close to her man. Since the move, the two have been living their best lives. Miller has posted pics aboard a yacht in Miami, from a hot tub in West Hollywood, and chilling on the beach in the Bahamas.

In 2020, the couple answered random questions from their bed for social media fans.

“How many kids did you want?” was the first query. Young replied, “Oh my God,” but Miller didn’t hesitate to answer that she wants three little ones in her future. She also confessed that it had been three weeks since she last went to the gym.

Young may be a major player in the NBA, but he still makes time to enjoy his youth with his girlfriend. In their downtime, the couple has fun sharing dances on TikTok:

We think they make an adorable couple and hope to see more of Miller and Young ascends to greater heights in his career.

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